• Donnell & Douglas has released "The Club Is Open" in several countries. (DAI)

  • X-Perience has released a promo vinyl in Germany entitled "It's A Sin". The official maxi should be out by
    spring 2003. The song is a remake of Pet Shop Boys hit from the 80's and has now been turned into a trancy tune with the beautiful vocals of Claudia. The final maxi will feature a remix by Sylver. (Jeff Drouin)


    01. It's A Sin (Groove Coverage Club Mix)
    02. It's A Sin (Groove Coverage Short Cut)
    03. It's A Sin (Angel One X-Tended Club Mix)
    04. It's A Sin (Angel One Radio Edit)

  • Out now from Polystar is the new "Trance Voices V" double-cd-compilation including original chart-hits
    and some not before released titles. (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Baracuda is called "Damn! - Remember The Time" and was released on December 16th. (Nolimits/DAI)


    1. Damn! (Original Radio)
    2. Damn! (Mark 'Oh Remix)
    3. Damn! (Plastic Men Remix)
    4. Damn! (Promille Mix Short)
    5. Over

  • The new single from DJ Thoka vs. DJ Taylor & Flow is called "You Make Me Feel 2002". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Master Blaster is called "Hypnotic Tango" (originally done by italian-style-artist-act
    My Mine) and was released on December 16th. (Nolimits/DAI)


    1. Hypnotic Tango (Radio Mix)
    2. Hypnotic Tango (Radio House Mix)
    3. Hypnotic Tango (Klubbingman Radio Edit)
    4. Hypnotic Tango (Club Mix)
    5. Hypnotic Tango (Original House Mix)
    6. Hypnotic Tango (Klubbingman Club Mix)
    7. Hypnotic Tango (Steve Woods Remix)

  • The new single from Future Pop is called "And When The Rain Begin To Fall". (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Pure Pressure is called "Wouldn't It Be Good" and will be released on January 13th, 2003. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • Sqeezer released a new single called "3 Times" on November 25th. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • Mr President are back! Lazy D and Danii are still a part of the group. The new vocalist is called Myra.
    The new single and and the new album are planned for February 2003. (Eurodance Encylopaedia)

  • New from Amber is the single "Anyway". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Loona is the single "Colors" which was released on December 09th.
    It's taken from the album with the same name. (Denis ZHabkin)


    1. Colors (Radio Version)
    2. Colors (Acoustic Version)
    3. Colors (X-Mas Version)
    4. Video

  • New from Westbam is the single "Recognize" (incl. Tobi Neumann remix). (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Voodoo & Serano is the single "Overload". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Jam X & De Leon is the single "Mind Made Up Remixes" (incl. Rank 1 & Dave Joy remixes).
    (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Junkie XL is the single "Breezer/ Beauty Never Fades" (incl. DJ Tiesto remix). (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Aquagen is the single "Take The Chance" (Incl. Beam & Cyrus remix). (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Milk Inc. will release "Land of Living" in the UK on December 30th. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Underworld will release "Dinosaur Adventure" in the UK on January 13th, 2003. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Marc et Claude has released the album "You Own The Sound - The Album" in the US.
    It will soon be released in Germany, UK, South Africa, Mexico & Scandinavia. (Denis ZHabkin)


    01. The Sound
    02. Tremble
    03. Free Spirit (Feat. Maria Nayler)
    04. La
    05. Laserbeam Butterfly (Feat. Mopedd John)
    06. I Need Your Lovin? (Like The Sunshine)
    07. Its All For Love
    08. Cape Town
    09. Feel You (Feat. Tony Hadley)
    10. Loving You
    11. 5am Zocalo
    12. The History Of Acid House
    13. You Own The Sound

  • S Club has released a new album in europe called "Seeing Double". (DJ Flash)


    01. Alive
    02. Whole Lotta Nothing
    03. Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You
    04. Straight From The Heart
    05. Bittersweet
    06. Who Do You Think Are
    07. Gangsta Love
    08. Do It Till We Drop
    09. Hey Kitty Kitty
    10. Dance
    11. Secret Love
    12. The Greatest
    13. In Too Deep
    14. Let Me Sleep
    15. Every Kinda People by Jo O’Meara (Bonus Track)
    16. Alive (Almighty Mix)


  • After almost 1,5 years of silence, Bart "Barthezz" Claessen is finally releasing a new single.
    This huge delay was caused by major problems with the record company that released his first two singles in the Netherlands. Still, he haven't come to a solution and because of that he decided not to wait any longer and to release the new single with another company.

    The new track will be released under the project-name of StereoShaker and it's called "Rock n Roll".(DAI)

  • S Club (former S Club 7), the UK pop phenomenon, is back with a new US album, "Don't Stop Movin"! The title track has already earned Record of the Year and Best Single honors at the 2002 Brit Awards. Watch for the
    S Club movie, "Seeing Double", in theaters spring 2003. (DAI)

  • New from Safri Duo is the track "Sunrise". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Armand van Helden is the track "Sell Deh Pussy". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Hooj released the first part of their Limited Repress Series on December 16th. Up on the A side of part One is the seminal Peace Division remix of Katcha's "Touched By God". A timeless, trippy house reworking that waltzed onto Danny Tenaglia's GU London compilation, "Touched By God" was the remix that turned the heads. Head to the B side and the A Tribe Called KHz mix of Killahurtz's "West On 27th" is what you find in a blaze of percussive tech-house excellence. (DAI)


  • Pascal featuring Karen Parry will release the single "I Think We're Alone Now" on December 16th. (DAI)

  • Flip & Fill will release the single "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", a cover of the Whitney Houston classic,
    on January 6th 2003. It features the vocals by Jo James which was the original singer of the Bang version of Shooting Star - their last hit. (DAI)

  • AATW has signed legendary Scots - Q-Tex. They will be releasing "Power of Love 2003" as a promo in a couple
    of weeks. Q-Tex are Scott Brown and Gillian Tennant and they have been responsible for some of the biggest tracks to come out of the Scottish scene. Former hits of theirs include the original version of "Power of Love", "Believe" and "Let The Love". (DAI)

  • Paul Oakenfold will release a new single on January 13th, 2003 entitled "The Harder They Come". It's the
    follow-up to Oakenfold’s "Starry Eyed Surprise", a Top 10 UK smash in August and September this year. (DAI)


    1. The Harder They Come (Single Edit)
    2. The Prophet (Oakenfold Vs DJ Judas) (Sabata Mix)
    3. Hypnotised (Kowalski Mix)
    1. The Harder They Come (Single Edit)
    2. Starry Eyed Surprise (Live Version)
    3. Mortal
    1. The Prophet  (Oakenfold Vs DJ Judas)
    2. The Harder They Come (Single Edit)
    3. Hypnotised  (Kowalski Mix)

  • DJ Leama will release the track "Requiem For A Dream" on December 16th. (DAI)


    A. Requiem For A Dream (Leama's Dream Mix) 11.40
    B. Requiem For A Dream (Leama's Ambient Mix) 4.34

  • 4 Clubbers released the single "Someday" on November 29th. (DAI)

  • DJ Tiësto & Junkie XL released the single "Obsession" on December 4th. (DAI)

  • DJ Tomcraft released the single "Loneliness" on December 2nd. (DAI)

  • Flutlicht released the single "The Fall Remixes" on December 11th. (DAI)

  • Grim Reaper released the single "The Roof Is On Fire Remixes" on December 12th. (DAI)

  • Hyperion released the single "Universal Mind" on December 10th. (DAI)

  • Kai Tracid released the single "4 Just 1 Day" on December 9th. (DAI)

  • Klubbingman released the single "Highway To The Sky/Miami Bass" on December 5th. (DAI)

  • New from Lady Tom is the single "Starway" which was released on December 13th. (DAI)


    1. Starway (Extended Mix)
    2. Starway (Marc Van Linden & D Gor Remix)
    3. Recycling Time (Extended Mix)
    4. Recycling Time (Marc Van Linden &J D Gor Remix)

  • New from Minimalistix, known for their smashhit "Close Cover", released the single
    "A Forest (New Versions #1)" on December 6th. (DAI)

  • Mythos & Watergate released the track "A Neverending Dream" on December 6th. (DAI)

  • Novaspace released the single "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" on December 12th. (DAI)

  • System F released "Solstice/Out Of The Blue 2002" on December 5th. (DAI)

  • AC/DC vs Blizzard Brothers released the track "Thunderstruck 2003" on December 13th. (DAI)

  • New from Jan Wayne is the single "Stop Dreaming". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from british The Prodigy is the single "Ghost Town". (Denis ZHabkin)


  • New 12" from Tatoine is "Summerwind" and will be released on December 09th. (DAI)

  • New 12" from Rephlex is "Pulse" and will be released on December 09th. (DAI)

  • Armin van Buuren ft. Ray Wilson - "Yet Another Day" is at a solid #1 position in the Dutch Dance chart. (DAI)

  • Sandy Rivera feat. Haze will release a 2x12" entitled "Changes" on January 06th, 2003. (DAI)

  • Manijama will release a 2x12" and a CD-single entitled "No No No" in January 2003. It's a cover of
    Dawn Penn's "You Don't Love Me (No No No)" and features mixes from Jask, Mojolators and K Klass. (DAI)

  • Jay-J will release "Keep On Rising", featuring Latrice Burnett on vocals, in February 2003. (DAI)

  • Matt Darey has released a double A-sided CD with "Moody" and "U Shine On", feat. Marcella Woods. (DAI)

  • New from Jam X & De Leon is the track "Mind Made Up". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Lasgo has won the Smash Hits award Poll Winners Party for Best Dance Act. (DAI)


  • Ian van Dahl has won the Top Of The Pops award "Top dance". Other artists nominated for this
    awards were Moby, Basement Jaxx, Scooter And JXL. (DAI)

  • Monotone Feat. L.A. Work will release "Monotone" - Collector 1 in Belgium soon. This new production is a
    re-release and remix of their Mega Hit "Monotone", which was released already 4 years ago in Belgium.
    On this new production, you will find the Original DJ Serge & Pascal Mix, Bass Brothers Mix and two new
    remixes: Universal Mix and Shuia Mix. (DAI)

  • Zyx has released some new cd's: "Dos Decadas Dance Vol.2", "The Memory Collection",
    "Macho Gang - The Best Of", "Spagna - Woman", "El Deux - Best Of (+ Martin Kraft)". (DAI)

  • New from Noemi is the single "When Angels Kiss Remixes". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Datura is the single "El Sueno". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Groove Coverage (known by their cover-hit "Moonlight Shadow") are back with a successful new one called
    "God Is A Girl". Verena, the female voice of Groove Coverage had told that the words of this title are written
    by Lou Bega (known from his own hit "Mambo Nr. 5"). The first Groove Coverage album was released on November 25th. (Nolimits)

  • JK will release a new single soon called "Hit My Heart". (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • Captain Jack's new single is planned for release in February 2003 anbd it will be called
    "Centerfold". (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • New from Blank & Jones is the single "The Deep End". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Basic Element: the new vocalist of the project is called Sabina, the record companies they signed with is Zomba (Holland), Stockholm Records and Ministry of Sound (England). (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • Fun Factory are back! They released an album entitled "ABC Of Music" in Japan on August 21st.
    (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)


  • Win Pete Tong’s record box!

    To celebrate the appearance of Pete Tong at Thirst: Brazil, one of the planet’s top DJs has offered his treasured record box full of top tunes to give away to one lucky winner on http://www.heinekenmusic.com

    Pete Tong has long been considered one of the world’s foremost DJs his pioneering work on Radio One in the UK and with the "Essential Selection" series has made him one of the most influential people in dance music. And he’s generous too not only is his treasured record box up for grabs, but its full of quality vinyl from labels such as XL Recordings, Bustin Loose, Underwater, Hooj and a few classic records signed by Pete himself.

    "This box has been around the world with me", he says. "You can tell how long it’s been with me by the layers of stickers around it!".

    Enter the competition at http://www.heinekenmusic.com

    The ‘Thirst’ event arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil last Saturday (23rd November 2002) and was exclusively webcasted live on Terra Lycos through http://www.heinekenthirst.com.br and http://www.heinekenmusic.com and featured the renowned DJ talent of Paul Oakenfold (Tong set not being broadcast).

    "The Sao Paulo Thirst gig with Oakenfold is going to be really hot", says Pete. "I’m really looking forward to getting back to Brazil - it’s such an amazing place, there’s always such a fantastic atmosphere. Beautiful music, beautiful people - what more could you ask for?"

    The Brazil Sambodromo will play host to over 10,000 clubbers and is being billed as the most spectacular audiovisual dance party ever staged. The event will feature Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, Italian Danielle Davoli (Black Box) and local hero’s DJ Mau Mau and DJ Victor Lima along with the DJ winners from the Found@thirst local talent search. Thirst will be offering the unique opportunity for local DJ talent to perform on the same stage as some of the world’s biggest DJ talent. Once again ‘Thirst’ winning combination of world class DJ’s and the best local talent will generate an event that will truly ‘rock’ Brazil.


  • Kelly Llorenna, N-Trance & Flip & Fill, has released a single called "Heart of Gold" and it's taken
    from her debut album "All Clubbed Up", which contains all her recent hits including "Set You Free",
    "Forever" and "True Love Never Dies". (DAI)

  • Swedish Rednex has released a remake of their 1994 smashhit "Cotton Eye Joe", entitled
    "Cotton Eye Joe 2002". It features remixes by Dance Nation and Aquagen. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from DJ Quicksilver is "New Life". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New single from Iio, previous hit was "Rapture", is the single "At The End". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Klubbingman is the single "Highway To The Sky". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • "The Annual 2003 America" - Mixed By DJ Sammy, (featuring: Daniel Bedingfield, DJ Encore,
    Moby, Sasha, and a ton of other great artists) has just hit the stores. (DAI)

  • New York based Blackwatch released a single called "I'm Here" on November 18th. (DAI)

  • Sqeezer's new single is "3 Times". It continues in the 50's style. (Ben Smith)


  • New from Starsplash is the single entitled "Take My Hand". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from BBE is the single "Hollywood". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Thrillseekers is the trancy tune "Dreaming Of You". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Ayla is the single "Sun Is Coming Out". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from CB Milton is the single "Friendly Morning Sky". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Lasgo is nominated for 'Best Dance Act' @ the UK Winners Poll Party together with Ian Van Dahl. (DAI)

  • Peter Luts is going to release a solo vinyl. It's going to be an uplifting, instrumental trance record,
    titled "Long Island". (DAI)

  • Dave McCullen will release a solo record. It's going to be a heavy "German sounded" club record. (DAI)

  • Dee Dee's producers are working on the album. 10 demo tracks are already finished.
    The release is planned for spring 2003. (DAI)


  • New from Right Said Fred is the single "Don't Talk Just Kiss'2002". The single includes a remix by DJs@Work. (Denis ZHabkin)
  • New from Talla 2XLC is the track "Can You Feel The Silence". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Kai Tracid is the track "4 Just One Day". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • La Bouche feat. Melanie Thornton will release a single on November 25th. The new single "In Your Life", an unreleased song composed by Melanie Thornton, reminds us of what a great singer Melanie was, whose first year death anniversary is on November 24th. There is a video and a best of Album along with the single.
    (Casper Janssen)


    In Your Life (Radio Edit) 		4:05
    In Your Life (Extended Version)	5.10
    In Your Life (Club Mix) 		5:47
    Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night 		3:22

  • Marusha has released a new single called "Snow In July". (Anton Claesson)


    1. Snow In July (Club Version) 		05.36
    2. Snow In July (Radio Edit) 		03.34
    3. Snow In July (Dj Emerson Remix) 		06.52
    4. Snow In July (Drum 'n' Bass Remix)	08.45
    5. Snow In July (A Capella Version) 		04.04

  • The Swedish eurodance project Basic Element could be back! According to rumors, they signed contracts with
    3 labels and currently work on new "hot dance" tracks, as they qualify them. (Eurodance Encyclopaedia)

  • New single of Gouryella - "Ligaya" is released only by Ferry Corsten (not DJ Tiesto + Ferry Corsten
    as some time ago). (Denis ZHabkin)


  • New from Warp Brothers is the Track "Cokane / Power". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from DJ Sakin & Friends are the track "Thunderbird". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Revil O is the track "Fly Away (Remixes)", it includes trance remixes by Dee Dee &
    DJs@Work. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Anya is the track "Follow Me" (Anya is a DJ Shah project). (Denis ZHabkin)

  • The next single from ATB is planned for March 2003. The new album will also be released sometime
    in March/April 2003. (DAI)

  • The new Fragma album "Embrace" will be released on November 4th! Next to the hitsingles
    "Say That You're Here", "Embrace Me" and "Time and Time Again" you can expect a lot of
    new material and special remixes. (DAI)


  • The new single from Mark'Oh is gonna be "When The Children Cry" and will be released on November 25th.
    It is a cover of the rock ballad from the american band White Lion, with the same name from the year 1987.

    Also the name and releasedate of the new album is now confirmed: First it was thought the new album would be called "I Wish It Could Always Be Weekend", but now on Marko's website he says it's just gonna be named "Mark'Oh" and the release is set to January 6th, 2003. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Rimini Project's new album was out on October 28th, 2002, the title is "Heartbeats". (EugenekEuro)


    01. No More Goodbye (Radio Edit)
    02. Another Night (Album Version)
    03. Up And Away (Album Version)
    04. I Call The Sun (Album Version)
    05. Movin' Around (The Dome Edit)
    06. Think About The Way (Album Version)
    07. To Be Or Not To Be (Radio Edit)
    08. It's My Life (Album Version)
    09. I Remember You Like Yesterday (Album Version)
    10. Fall In Love Fall In Pain (Album Version)
    11. Hi We Are Rimini Project (Album Version)

  • E-Rotic's long awaited album "Total Recall" will be released in Japan on November 7th. (EugenekEuro)

  • Milk Inc released a brand new single entitled "Breathe Without You" on October 29th. The brand new studio
    album is due out early in 2003. It will contain hits such as "Wide Awake", "Sleepwalker", "Breathe Without You"
    and other brand new songs. (EugenekEuro)

  • Sash!'s next single will be from the album "S4! Sash!" and is entitled "I Believe". (EugenekEuro)

  • New from The Soundlovers is the track "We Wanna Party". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Svenson & Gielen is the single "Answer The Question". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Masterboy's single "I Need A Lover" climbed to #18 of German DJ top 200. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Fragrance "Don't Break My Heart" single version differs from "Trance 80s" compilation version. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Bob Sinclar's new single is "The Beat Goes On". The single includes mixes from Junior Jack, Roger Sanchez and Brian Tappert. It's out in the UK now. (DAI)

  • Bob Sinclar's forthcoming album "Bob Sinclar III" will be out next year in the UK on Defected. (DAI)

  • Brooklyn Bounce has released "Bring It Back Remixes" including a technotrance mix by Derb and a
    deep trance remix by Svenson & Gielen. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • RJ Project (Red Jerry) has released a single called "What Color Is Love" in the UK on Hooj.
    It was released on October 28th. (DAI)


    12" Disc One [HOOJ124]
    A. What Color Is Love (Red Jerry's Monkeyhouse Mix)
    B. What Color Is Love (Red Jerry's Original Mix)
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ124R]
    A. What Color Is Love (The Freddy and Herman Version)
    B. What Color Is Love (Red Jerry's Original Dub)


  • Driftwood's "Freeloader" will quite possibly be the UK label Positiva's first single release in 2003.
    At the moment it's scheduled for mid January. (Positiva)

  • A followup to The Ones - "Flawless" will be released in early 2003 and it's called "Superstar". (Positiva)

  • DJ Sandy vs Housetap's classic "Overdrive" will be reissued on October 28th. It will feature the
    classic original and remixes from Junkie XL, Scott Mac, Montilla and Steve Lawler. (Positiva)

  • Armin van Buuren ft Ray Wilson - "Yet Another Day" is now available worldwide. (DAI)


    12" #1
    A: Yet Another Day (Original Mix)
    B: Yet Another Day (Sunday 5pm Mix)
    12" #2
    A: Yet Another Day (Riva Remix)
    B: Yet Another Day (Rising Star Mix)

  • Tess ("One Love To Justify") is back. SM-Trax Feat. Tess, the single will be released in Germany very soon. (Eurogroover)

  • Who Da Funk featuring Jessica Eve - "Shiny Disco Balls" was released on October 21th.
    Who Da Funk are NYC based producers Alex Alicea and Jorge "DJ Lace" Jaramillo and
    "Shiny Disco Balls" features the amazing vocals of Jessica Eve aka Mrs Harry "Choo Choo" Romero. (DAI)

  • New single from Brooklyn Bounce is "Bring It Back" and will be released on October 28th. (DAI/Yvonne)


    1. Bring It Back (Single Edit) 3.38
    2. Bring It Back (Club Mix) 7.13
    3. Bring It Back (Svenson & Gielen Remix) 9.40
    4. Bring It Back (Derb Remix) 7.55

  • The new album from Brooklyn Bounce entitled "BB Nation" will be released on November 11th. (DAI)

  • New from Galleon is the single "One Sign". (Yvonne)

  • New from Blank & Jones is the single "The Hardest Heart" featuring Anne Clark. (Yvonne)

  • New from Celvin Rotane is the single "I Believe 2002". (Yvonne)

  • New from Tomcraft is the single "Loneliness". (Yvonne)

  • New from Marc et Claude is the single "Loving You 2002". (Yvonne)

  • New from Angel One is the single "Into Your Eyes". (Yvonne)

  • New from Base Unique is the single "Voyage Voyage". (Yvonne)

  • Future Breeze will release the single "Heaven Above" on December 9th. (DAI/Yvonne)

  • The next album from Future Breeze is completed, release is unknown. (DAI)

  • Madison Avenue is coming back with a new single and new album probably before the end of the year. (LeDJ Fab)

  • Westbam & Felix Da Housecat just remixed the latest single ("London") from the Pet Shop Boys.
    Up to now it is only released in Germany. (LeDJ Fab)

  • DJ Chus released the single "That Feeling" on October 21st. (DAI)

  • New from X-Perience is the single "It's a Sin" and should be released on November 4th. (Nolimits)

  • The new DJ Bobo album & show will be called "Visions". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Axel Coon (ex-Scooter) released a vinyl called "Close To You". (Denis ZHabkin)


    A1. Close To You (Extended Version) 6.26
    B1. Close To You (Pulsedriver Remix) 6.00

  • Ferris Bueller (ex-Scooter) joined Ancient Of Mumu. They will release single "Living" soon.
    Ferris already sang this song for compilation "Trance80s:Next Generation". It was called
    "Living Without Your Love" and is a remix of Interactive's "Living Without Your Love". (Denis ZHabkin)

    Tracklistin of the upcoming vinyl Ancient Of Mumu feat. Ferris - "Living":

    A1. Living (Reprise)
    A2. Living (Original Club Mix)
    B1. Living (Full Live Mix)
    B2. Living (Lmp Vs Axel Coon Remix)

  • Axel Coon, Ferris & Kai Zepmeisel produced a project called Fragrance. The single
    "Don't Break My Heart" is remix of old song made in DJs@Work style. It was also appears on
    the "Trance80s:Next Generation" compilation and in future it will be released as a vinyl. (Denis ZHabkin)


  • Cappella is in studios again. It's still secret who the singer(s) are/will be. It's already sure that there
    will be a next single from Cappella, a totally new one and not a remixed version.

    They are also working on more songs for an entire album, which is of course unsure by know if this
    ever will be released, this will depend on the success of the next Cappella single. (Marlon Treep)

  • For the "Best Of" album the single "Rhythm Is A Dancer 2002" will be released in the USA under the label
    Arista. First it will be released on 12", it's unknown when it will be released on CD-single. (Marlon Treep)

  • Alexia will release a single called "If You Could Read My Mind". It will only be available as 12" and only for clubs. (Marlon Treep)

  • Dance Nation's next single will be "Words" and will be released on November 4th. It will include remixes by Naomi, Magic Music (DJ Tïesto) and Bradski & Jenski. Also included on the CD-Maxi is a special Album version of "Words". The video has already been shot. (DAI/Yvonne)

  • Dj Sammy will release the single "Heaven" in the UK on 21st of October. (DAI)

  • Dj Sammy will release the album "Heaven" in the UK in mid-October and on November 11th in Germany. (DAI)

  • Dj Sammy will release the single "Sunlight" in the UK in February 2003. (DAI)

  • Dj Sammy will release the single "Boys of Summer" in the UK in May 2003. (DAI)

  • Dj Sammy's new single is called "Boys of Summer". (Romain)


    A1. Boys of Summer (Green Court Mix)
    A2. Boys of Summer (Original Version)

  • Masterboy - "I Need A Lover" tracklisting: (Jeff Drouin)
    01. I Need A Lover (DJ Shah Vs. The Klubbingman Remix) 7.54
    02. I Need A Lover (Original Mix) 7.23

    More remixes should be released soon, including ones with DJ's @ Work, Pulsedriver & Jan Wayne.

  • Armin van Buuren has released "Yet Another Day" featuring Ray Wilson in the UK and it will be
    released in the rest of the world on October 14th.

    Tracklisting (12"):

    A. Armin van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (Original Mix)
    B. Armin van Buuren feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day (Sunday 5pm Mix)

  • Scooter will release an album on November 4th and it's called "24 Carat Gold". (Bjarke Hammer Skov)

  • Mandy & Randy (Mark'Oh is the man behind the project) - "Mandy" tracklisting:
    1. Mandy (Radio Edit)                     3.04
    2. Mandy (Extended Version)               6.58
    3. One Beat One Melody                    3.19
    4. Never Stop That Feeling 2001 (VIDEO)   3.32
    5. Let This Party Never End (VIDEO)       3.47
    6. Mandy (VIDEO)                          3.04


  • Madonna's theme song for Die Another Day has been remixed by dance producers Thunderpuss.
    Thunderpuss "GHV2 Megamix" was previously recorded as a promo for Madonna's "GHV2:
    Greatest Hits Volume 2"
    . It gets its official release on October 28, with new versions of the
    track by Dirty Vegas, Deepsky and Felix Da Housecat. (Deejaypromo)

  • Noémi ("In My Dreams", "Y.O.U.") new single will be called "When Angels Kiss" - release should
    be in November. (Nolimits)

  • Behind C.R. 2 stands Celvin Rotane ("Back Again", "Bienvenue", "Push Me To The Limit") -
    he brings back his hit "I Believe" in an refreshed version. (Nolimits)

  • Underworld ("Born Slippy") are coming back with a title called "The Months Off". (Nolimits)

  • Groove Coverage ("Moonlight Shadow") are back with an new one title called "God Is A Girl". (Nolimits)

  • Maik Karthäuser from the party-dance-team Heiko & Maiko will release their first single which will be called "Go" on label Alphabet City in near future. (Nolimits)

  • Topmodelz - new title "Fly On The Wings Of Love" is an dance-cover of the "Grand Prix"-winner-title from the Olsen Brothers ("Marie, Marie") - who had taken the "Grand Prix" to Denmark with this title. (Nolimits)

  • Barracuda - actually title is called "Damn" => Mark`Oh had done a remix for this title! - The title is
    featuring an german hit from Matthias Reim which was called "Verdammt - Ich lieb Dich" (translated
    "Damn - I Love You"). (Nolimits)

  • DJ One - actually title is called "Coming Home" - it is based on the former 80ies-hit from Peter Schilling which was called "Major Tom (Coming Home)" and "Major Tom - völlig losgelöst" (translated: "Major Tom - Totally Spaced Out"). (Nolimits)

  • Green Court are back with another new single-release which will be called "Silent Heart". (Nolimits)

  • Marc Aurel is coming back with an new title which is called "The Sound Of Love". (Nolimits)

  • Secret Tune's new title will be called "House Of The Rising Sun" - it is featuring an hit from the group En-Rage. (Nolimits)

  • Rave Allstars new title is called "Oder Braucht Ihr Mehr". (Nolimits)

  • Redwing new title is "Place To Be". (Nolimits)

  • Lexy & K. Paul comes back with the new title "When You Hear The Silence". (Nolimits)

  • Cappella "U Got 2 Know" (release in Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, UK), date is not known yet for each Country (Italian Ordernr.: BXR 1172). (Marlon Treep)

  • CRW feat. Veronika - "Kiss Me More" (inc. Picotto Remixes) will soon be released. (Marlon Treep)

  • 49Ers - "Heart Escape" (inc. Mario Piu, Club and Cappella Remixes), soon to be released. (Marlon Treep)

  • Clubhouse - unknown title yet, but a release is upcoming. (Marlon Treep)


  • Masterboy released a new single called "I Need A Lover" on September 29th. (DAI)

  • Randy & Mandy will release a single called "Mandy" on October 14th. The single is a cover of Barry Manilow's song with the same name from the 70s. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Zippora has released a single entitled "Time Has Stood Still. (DAI)

  • In February-March'2003 a brand new Scooter single will be released. The UK version of the single "Posse" with a new radio edit will be released on November 18th. It also includes an N-Trance remix. (Denis ZHabkin)

  • Medicine8 has released their debut album entitled "Iron Stylings". (Regal Recordings)

  • Triska released the single "Ultra" in the UK on September 23rd. (DAI)

  • The compilation "Roger Sanchez presents Release Yourself - Ibiza 2002 - The Album" was released in the UK on Defected on September 30th. (DAI)

  • The next single from Mesh will be "Friends Like These", the date of release is unknown. (DAI)

  • Ian van Dahl released the single "Reason2 in Germany on September 9th. (DAI)

  • Ian van Dahl release the new single "Try" on the September 30th in the UK. (DAI)

  • The next single from Lasgo will be "Pray", a video to the new single has already been recorded. The single will be released in October worldwide including remixes from: Peter Luts, Dave McCullen, Driftwood, Kidjemet & Kovac. (DAI)

  • Lasgo has recorded 3 new tracks "Searching", "You" and "I Wonder". The tracks will be on the repacked album which includes a lot of remixes of their hits. Release is planned on the end of this year. (DAI)

  • The new single from Dee Dee is called "The One" and will soon be released. (DAI)

  • New from Cosmic Gate is the single "The Wave / Ragging". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Tukan is the single "When You Hear The Silence". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from DJ Shog is the single "The 2nd Dimension". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Paffendorf is the single "Crazy, Sex, Marvellous". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Timo Maas Ft. Kelis is the single "Help Me". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Vatos Locos Bros. (DJ Sakin & Thomas Pogadl) is the single "Vatos Locos". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from Fragma is the single "Time & Time Again". (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New charty project named Dance United was formed to help victims of german floods.
    They released the single "Reach Out" in Germany on September 30th. (Denis ZHabkin)

    Project includes:
    4 Clubbers, Aquagen, ATB, Blank & Jones, Brooklyn Bounce, Caba Kroll, CJ Stone, Cosmic Gate,
    Jurgen Driessen, Essential DJ Team, Future Breeze, Gardweg, Green Court, Groove Coverage,
    DJ Sammy, DJ Shah, DJ's @ Work, Du Monde, Mellow-D, Novaspace, Pulsedriver, RMB, Rocco, Safri Duo,
    Scooter, Starsplash, Sunbeam, Sylver, Topmodelz, Andre Visior, Woody Van Eyden, Tom Wax &
    Jan Wayne


    1. Reach Out (West Radio Edit) 3:24
    2. Reach Out (North Radio Edit) 3:43
    3. Reach Out (South Radio Edit) 3:43
    4. Reach Out (West Mix) 5:10
    5. Reach Out (North Mix) 5:38
    6. Reach Out (South Mix) 7:10


  • Jan Johnston has re-written "Calling Your Name". This was a track originally called "The Prayer" and was a
    B-side to the CD single of Jan's release "Paris". The track was made famous by one Mr BT, when the vocal was sampled a few years later and released as Libra featuring Taylor - "Anomaly (Calling Your Name)". So it is getting a brand new spin, Jan has written wonderful new verses to complement the famous chorus that everyone now knows, and this should be released on Platipus some time round November this year. (JJ Newsletter)

  • According to Perfecto, the next single from Jan Johnston on the Perfecto label will be "Flesh 2002"
    and is to be released in October. (JJ Newsletter)

  • Whigfield will release a new single called "Amazing & Beautiful" on September 23rd.
    (WHIGFIELD online Germany)


    1. Amazing And Beautiful, 03:17 (Radio Version)
    2. My My, 03:34 (Radio Version)
    3. Amazing And Beautiful, 04:33 (Album Version)

  • Judge Jules has released a new 3xCD mix album. (DAI)


    CD 1 - Main Mix
    01. Danilo Vigorito - Imaginary Boy ep 1
    02. Marco Bailey - Caprioska
    03. VPL - T-Break (Steve Murano Remix)
    04. DJ Boozywoozy - Party Affair (Da Techno Bohemian Mix)
    05. Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise (Oliver Lieb Mix)
    06. Ricky Effe - Recitifer
    07. BK - Revolution
    08. Rank 1 - Awakening (Cosmic Gate Remix)
    09. Yves Deruyter - Calling Earth 2002
    10. Warrior - You Want Me
    11. Hi-Gate - Saxuality
    12. Beat Pusher - Murto
    13. Boca - Play With Me (Belle Fire Mix)
    14. Airwave - Another Dimension
    15. Joman - Raggattak (Mauro Picotto Mix)
    CD 2 - Funky Mix
    01. Nan Trax - Viva Columbia (Cha Cha) (Nam Zip Dub Mix)
    02. DJ Vitamin feat. Miss Audrey - That Latin Track
    03. Tomba Vira - It's Something
    04. Chuck Cogan - Somethin' Like Dis
    05. R.Rivera's Grooves - Funk-A-Ton
    06. Shakedown - At Night
    07. Raven Maize - Fascinated
    08. Dark Sweet feat. Aura - Dark Sweet Piano (Wally Lopez Sweet Weekend Mix)
    09. Mutiny - Ya'Self
    10. Tim Deluze - Sirens
    11. Layo & Bushwacka! - Love Story (Tim Deluxe Remix)
    12. Raul Orellana - Real Wild House (Tall Paul's Real Wild Dub)
    13. Krystal K - Lets Get It Right (Vox Mix)
    14. The Biginerz - Reckless Girl
    15. Laurent Wolf - Planar
    CD 3 - Tried And Tested Mix
    01. Jurgen Vries - The Theme
    02. Klea - Tic Toc (Magic Music Mix)
    03. Scott Mac presents DJ Cams - Just Doing It
    04. Marco Carola - Playboy
    05. Dino Lenny - I Feel Stereo (Adam Dived Remix)
    06. Mauro Picotto - Pulsar 2002 RMX (Picotto Verdi Mix)
    07. JamX & DeLeon - Can U Dig It?
    08. Push - The Legacy (Svenson & Gielen Mix)
    09. Blank & Jones - DJ's Fans & Freaks (Cosmic Gate Remix)
    10. Joy Kitikonti - JOYDON'TSTOP (Freaky Mix)
    11. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall 2002 (Woody V Eyden Remix)
    12. Dark Monks feat. Mim - Insane (Steve Murano Mix)
    13. Future Breeze - Temple of Dreams (Pedro Del Mar vs DJ Shah Mix)
    14. The Clergy - Oboe Song (Green Martian Remix Edit)

  • Chris Lum released "Feelin' High/You're Mine" on September 16th. (DAI)


    1. Feelin' High (Thinking Of You)
    2. You're Mine
    3. Feelin' High (Thinking Of You) (Nova Scotia's Player 1 Remix)
    4. You're Mine (Clean Version)
    5. Feelin' High (Thinking Of You) (Acappella)


  • The best selling Norwegian trance artist Pacific Blue is back! This time he collaborated with DJ Eskimo, with the latest single "Take Me Up". It's an uplifting trance anthem with a female vocalist. The cd single also features a remake of his smash hit single "Hurricane". (Albert Foo)


    1. Take Me Up (Radio Edit)
    2. Take Me Up (Extended)
    3. Take Me Up (Original)
    4. Take Me Up (Trancepose Remix)
    5. Hurricane (2002 Remix)

  • Hampenberg will release the second single "Listen Up" from his second album "Duck Off".
    It has some similarities with his biggest hit "Grab That Thing". (Albert Foo)


    1. Listen Up (Album Version)
    2. Listen Up  (A Little Extended Mix)
    3. Listen Up  (Voodoo And Serano Remix)
    4. Listen Up  (Waterboy And Sparks Mix)

  • FLORiS feat. Rose released a single called "Nothing To It" on August 26th. (DAI)


    1. Nothing To It
    2. No Way Back

  • Perpetuous Dreamer - "Dust.wav" goes global. After the enormous success of the first single
    "Sound Of Goodbye" which was a Billboard #1 in the USA it is now "Dust.wav" which is rocking
    the crowds al over the world!! Armin van Buuren mixes, an exclusive F2F mix and a state of
    the art videoclip do the trick. (DAI)

  • After a massive club hit alongside Dannii Minogue with the #3 (UK) "Who Do You Love Now", Riva is back with the new single "Time Is The Healer". This time Riva has uncovered a new star in the making with 19 year old Michele Martin who appears on their collaboration written with Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue, Spiller). (DAI)

  • S-Club (former S-Club 7) has released the single "Don't Stop Moving" in the USA. The single is in stores now which features an enhanced portion with a photo gallery and the video. Also, available is the DVD that has never before seen videos and exclsive behind the scenes concert footage. (DAI)


    1. Don't Stop Movin
    2. You
    3. Have You Ever
    4. Don't Stop Movin (Live)
    5. Reach (Live)
    6. Exclusive behind the scenes of S Club Carnival 2002.
    Enhanched CD
    1. Don't Stop Movin'
    2. Don't Stop Movin' (Jewel & Stone Radio Mix)
    3. Right Guy

  • S-Club will release a new album on November 19th in the USA. (DAI)

  • Milk Inc's new single, "Walk On Water", is released on Positiva in the UK on September 9th on CD, cassette
    and 12", with formats including the video and club mixes from the likes of Flip & Fill and Lasgo's Peter Luts. Their debut UK album, "Milk Inc", is released 2 weeks later on September 23rd. (DAI)

  • New from DJ Dean is the single "Play It Hard". (Nolimits)

  • New from Airwalker is the single with the title "Tuned Universe". (Nolimits)

  • Supermen Lovers will release the single "Diamonds For Her" in Germany on December 25th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Diamonds for her (Radio Edit)
    2. Diamonds for her (Original Version)
    3. Diamonds for her (Pound Boys Vocal Mix)
    4. Diamonds for her (2020 Vision's Basic Dub)

  • New from Rocco is the title "Drop The Bass. (Nolimits)

  • Driftwood will release the single "Freeloader" on October 14th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Brain Twinz is the single with the title "Voice of Buddha". (Nolimits)

  • B.B.E. will release the single "Free" on September 30th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Ace of Base's new album will be called "Da Capo" and should be coming soon. (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Ötzi is the single with the title "Today Is The Day". (Nolimits)

  • New from Taucher is the single "Millenium Bitch". (Nolimits)

  • New from Jan Wayne is the album "Back Again!" and it will be released on September 9th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    01. Because The Night
    02. She's Like The Wind
    03. Only You
    04. All Over The World
    05. Take My Breath Away
    06. Stop Dreaming
    07. Total Eclipse Of The Heart
    08. More Than Feeling
    09. Ready To Fly
    10. Set Me Free
    11. Nightvisions
    12. Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz
    13. Jan Wayne Theme

  • First Love feat. Delane & Eden released a remake of Laura Branigan's hit "Self Control" on August 19th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Secret Tunes released the single "House Of The Rising Sun" on September 2nd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Blockhouse Gang is the dance-title "The Boxer" and it was released on August 26th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Nightmares on Wax is the single-title "Know My Name" and the album "Mind Elevation", released on September 2nd. (DAI/Nolimits)


    Mind Elevation CD 1
    01. Mind Eye
    02. Say-Say
    03. Thinking Of Omara
    04. Date With Destiny
    05. Bleu My Mind
    06. Environment
    07. Soul-Ho
    08. Humble
    09. 70s 80s
    10. Know My Name
    11. BBH (Bongo-Brk-Haven)
    12. Mirrorball
    13. Thoughts
    Mind Elevation CD 2
    01. Nights Introlude
    02. Back Into Time
    03. Use Ya Dub
    04. Survival
    05. Rise
    06. Finer
    07. Capumcap
    08. Humble
    09. Environment
    10. Burn Me Slo (feat. O.C.)
    11. Ethnic Majority
    12. Know My Name
    13. Easejimi
    14. Date With Destiny
    15. Days Like These
    16. Keep On Rockin'
    17. (Man) Tha Journey
    18. E.A.S.E.
    19. BBH (Bongo-Brk-Haven)
    20. Play On (feat. Corrina Joseph)
    21. Playtime, Amara, Groove St.
    22. Praying For A Jeepbeat
    23. Bless My Soul

  • New from St. Etienne is the title "Action" and it was released on September 2nd. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Action
    2. Anderson Unbound
    3. 7 Summers

  • AGO released the single "Put On Your Red Shoes" on August 26th. (DAI/Nolimits)


  • A 2-disc set single compilation from Olive will appear called "I'm Not In Love".
    The part 1 will contain: Aurora & DJ Dan Remixes.
    The part 2 will contain: Skribble & Anthony Acid Mixes.
    These 2 parts are yet To Be Announced, and they will be released in Australia then. (Marlon Treep)

  • On August 26th, SNAP released a "Best Of" album, this includes the "Do You See The Light 2002" version.
    It will be released for the label Inspired, and released in Germany first. (Marlon Treep)

  • The new single from Digital Rockers "Because I Love You" was released on August 26th.
    First it was just gonna be produced by Mark'Oh, but now Mark'Oh decided to give the
    guys from Digital Rockers (Dj Shorty & Dee-nay) some help, and the single as it
    appears will be called: "Mark'Oh meets Digital Rockers - Because I Love You". (Yvonne Tienstra)


    1. Because I Love You (Radio Cut)            3.50
    2. Because I Love You (Mark'Oh Remix)        8.54
    3. Because I Love You (Dj Marc Aurel Remix)  6.13
    4. Because I Love You (Mario Lopez Remix)    6.13
    5. Because I Love You (Alex Butcher Remix)   6.14
    6. Because I Love You (Club Version)         7.42

  • Sash! will release a new single called "Run" featuring Boy George on September 26th and
    the remix edition will be released on October 10th. (DAI)


    Run (Original Version)          3.52
    Run (Club Mix)                  6.37
    Run (Funkstar De Luxe Mix)      7.02
    Luna Llena (Original Version)   3.25
    Remix Edition
    Run (Accustic Version)                       3.33
    Run (Extended Version)                       6.10
    Run (Boy George Kinky's Wind 142 Vocal Mix)  8.12
    Luna Llena (Extended Version)                4.55

  • Sash!'s new album "S4!Sash!" is set to be released in europe on October 21st. (DAI)

  • Solid Sessions will release "Janeiro" on September 2nd on 12" and CD in the UK. (DAI)


    1. Janeiro (Pronti & Kalmani Radio Edit)
    2. Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
    3. Janeiro (James Holden Remix)
    1. Janeiro (Pronti & Kalmani Vocal Mix)
    2. Janeiro (James Holden Remix)
    3. Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

  • Atlantic Ocean will release "Waterfalls 2002", including remixes by ATB, Woody van Eyden, Spacekid
    and many more. It will be released on September 16th. (DAI)


  • Cappella has now released "U Got 2 Know 2002" officially. It is released by Warner Music in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this month it's only available on Vinyl, ordernumber PRO6804. In the middle of September this release will be available on CD-single released at WEA. (Marlon Treep)

  • New single from Kate Ryan is called "Desenchantee". (Roger Sandvik)

  • David Guetta released the single "Love Don't Let Me Go" on August 19th.
    The single is taken from the forthcoming album "Just A Little More Love". (DAI)


  • Souvernance will release "Havin' A Good Time" on Positiva Records on August 19th. (DAI)


    1. Havin' A Good Time (Radio Edit)
    2. Havin' A Good Time (Sound De-Zign Kickin’ Ass Remix)
    3. Havin' A Good Time (Motivation Remix)

  • Matt Darey will release a new tune entitled "Moody" in September. (DAI)

  • Ace of Base will release the new single "Beautiful Morning" on September 9th and the
    new album will be released by the end of September. (AquaAob/Jennifer Sampson)

  • Playahitty will release a refreshed 2002-version of the 1994-summer-dance-hit "The Summer Is Magic"
    on August 26th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. The Summer Is Magic (Video Edit)
    2. The Summer Is Magic (Club Mix)
    3. The Summer Is Magic (Marc Miles Meets Lost 'N' Found Club Remix)
    4. The Summer Is Magic (Original Radio Mix)
    5. The Summer Is Magic (Original Mix)

  • Eva Luna has released a single called "Tell Me Lies", the song is an dance-cover of an former
    big-feeling-rock-song. (Nolimits)

  • New from De/Vision is the single "Get Over The Wall". (Nolimits)

  • De/Vision released an double-album called "Remixed", which contains remixed songs, on July 29th. (DAI)


    CD 1
    01. Bleed Me White (Remixed)
    02. Take To The Time (Remixed)
    03. I Regret (Remixed)
    04. Moments We Shared (Remixed)
    05. Endlose Traeume (Remixed)
    06. Get Over The Wall (Remixed)
    07. Free From Cares (Remixed)
    08. Dress Me When I Bleed (Remixed)
    09. Your Hands On My Skin (Remixed)
    10. Try To Forget (Remixed)
    11. Blue Moon'99 (Radio Edit)
    CD 2
    01. Endlose Traeume (C5 Remix)
    02. Your Hands On My Skin (Harmony Is Everything Remix)
    03. Dress Me When I Bleed (Day By Day Mix)
    04. Moments We Shared (Subconcious Mix)
    05. Try To Forget (Telekommander.Electro.Funk.Remix)
    06. Free From Cares (Freedom's Rising Mix)
    07. Endlose Traeume (Frequently Dreamed Mix)
    08. Your Hands On My Skin (Spanish Green-Space Mix)
    09. Get Over The Wall (South Side Mix)
    10. Take Me To The Time (Memphis mix)

  • New from DJ Rock is the track "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz". (Nolimits)

  • Praga Khan willl release a new single called "Glamour Girl" on September 30th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Glamour Girl (Album Version)
    2. Glamour Girl (Plastic People Mix)
    3. Glamour Girl (Plastic People Extended Mix)
    4. Glamour Girl (Filterheadz Vocal Mix)
    5. Glamour Girl (Extended Album Version)
    6. Glamour Girl (Sam Vs Philip @ Little Major Mix)

  • Nalin Inc will release the single "African Harvest" on September 2nd. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. African Harvest (Radio Edit)
    2. African Harvest (Magheda Tribal Mix)
    3. African Harvest (Mainroom Mix)

  • Grenada will release the new single "Superstar" on September 30th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from A. F. A. is the single "Being Boiled (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • Nature One Inc released the single "Summer Sound System" on July 29th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Lerby is the title "Dunkelheit". (Nolimits)

  • DJ Valium feat. Michael Zager will release the single "Let's All Chant" on September 2nd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Creamteam is the title "DIV X". (Nolimits)

  • CK & Surpreme Dream Team will release the track "Dreamer" on September 9th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Marc Maris vs. Ramone is the title "Eternity". (Nolimits)

  • Hypetraxx is back with a new single called "Send Me An Angel", it was released on June 24th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New Sonic will release the single "The Politics Of Dancing" on September 2nd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Jean Moiree is the title "Playa de Ibiza". (Nolimits)

  • New from Trackraiders is the title "It's Alright", a dance-cover of the East 17-hit. (Nolimits)

  • New from Catch is the title "Walk On Water (Baby U Can)" and it was released on August 12th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (Radio Edit)
    2. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (Extended Club Mix)
    3. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (Above & Beyond Mix)
    4. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (Hyperion Remix)
    5. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (CS-Jay Remix)
    6. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (Wazari Remix)
    7. Walk On Water (Baby U Can) (Video)

  • Novaspace will release the single "To France", a dance-cover of Maggie Reilly's hit, on August 19th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from ATB is the single "I Wanna Cry". (Nolimits)

  • New from Bossdrum is the title "Beat Is Pumpin'". (Nolimits)

  • New from Airwalker is the title "Tuned Universe". (Nolimits)

  • Karaja released the single "She Moves (La La La)" on July 29th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. She Moves (La La La) (Oscar Salguero Radio Edit)
    2. She Moves (La La La) (Original Radio Edit)
    3. She Moves (La La La) (X900 Short Cut)
    4. She Moves (La La La) (Love To Infinity Master Mix)
    5. She Moves (La La La) (Oscar Salguero Club Edit)

  • Westbam and Nena will release the single "Oldschool, Baby" on August 19th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Westbam will also release a single called "Right On" on September 9th. (DAI)
  • Milton released the singel "I Can See It In Your Eyes" on August 12th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Christophe & Dimitri Chantzis will bring you hours of epic music with their "back 2 back" DJ gigs set to rock your place !!!. Contact them for more info and bookings: djbooking@ianvandahl.com. (DAI)


  • PPK will release their new single "ReLoad/Russian Trance" on 30th September. (DAI)

  • Jan Johnston released "Am I On Pause" on July 29th. (DAI)

  • Lustral will release the single "Broken" on November 4th. (DAI)

  • Popshop will release the new single "Life On Mars" on August 5th. (DAI)

  • The Mystery follows up their debutsingle "The Mystery", the new single is called "All I Ever Wanted (Devotion)" and was released on July 29th. (DAI)


    A. All I Ever Wanted (Vocal Mix)
    B. All I Ever Wanted (Instrumental Mix)

  • Madelyne will release the single "Beautiful Child" on Xtravaganza Recordings on August 26th. The single includes remixes from Hiver & Hammer and 4 Strings. (DAI)


    A. Beautiful Child (4 Strings Vocal Mix)
    B. Beautiful Child (Vocal Club Mix)

  • Lothos feat. Kimia will release the single "Sky Is The Limit" on August 5th. (DAI)


    01. Sky Is The Limit (Oktane Hard Club Mix)
    02. Sky Is The Limit (DJ Dean Remix)
    03. Sky Is The Limit (Mario Lopez Remix)
    04. Sky Is The Limit (Original Club Mix)

  • Trance Allstars will release their second album on August 12th, the new album is entitled
    "Synergy II - The Story Continues" and is a double cd. (DAI)


    CD 1
    01. Lost In Love [Radio Edit] (ATB)
    02. Angels (Talla 2XLC)
    03. Fireworks 2002 (DJ Mellow-D)
    04. Lava (Taucher)
    05. Do It (Sunbeam)
    06. America (Talla 2XLC)
    07. The Summer (ATB)
    08. Dream Of You [Molella Remix] (Schiller)
    09. Deep Inside L.A. (DJ Mellow-D)
    10. Fantasy (Sunbeam)
    11. Winterlove (Taucher)
    12. Rain (ATB)
    13. Let You Go (Schiller)
    CD 2
    01. Go [Radio Edit] (Talla 2XLC)
    02. The Eternal Mystery (DJ Mellow-D)
    03. One Minute (TALLA 2XLC)
    04. Future Vibes (ATB)
    05. Ocean's Floor (Sunbeam)
    06. Deep Dive (DJ Mellow-D)
    07. Liebesschmerz (Schiller)
    08. Glockenspiel (Taucher)
    09. Sonic Blast (Sunbeam)
    10. Frequency (Talla 2XLC)
    11. Do You Love Me (ATB)
    12. Sunrise (Taucher)
    13. Ruhe [Humate Remix] (Schiller)

  • Apoptygma Berzerk will release their new single "Suffer In Silence" on August 26th. (DAI)

  • Avancada released their new single "Money For Nothing (Overdrive)" on July 29th. (DAI)


    1. Money For Nothing (Overdrive) (Radio Cut) 				3:05
    2. Money For Nothing (Overdrive) (Original Extended)			6:51
    3. Money For Nothing (Overdrive) (Marc van Linden & D-GOR Remix) 	6:21
    4. Money For Nothing (Overdrive) (Kingdom Of Lower Frequencies)		3:23


  • Delerium feat. Rani will soon release a vinyl called "Underwater", featuring mixes by Peter Luts, Rank 1 and Above & Beyond. (DAI)


    A1. Underwater (Peter Luts Remix)			7:56
    B1. Underwater (Rank 1 Remix)			9:16
    B2. Underwater (Above & Beyond's 21st Century Mix)	8:17


  • Scooter will release the album "Push The Beat For This Jam - Singles '94-'02" on July 29th in the UK.
    (Denis ZHabkin)

  • New from DJ Melvin is the single "Set U Free". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Jurgen is the single "One Step Away". (Nolimits)

  • New from Ernesto vs. Bastian is the single "Lonely People". (Nolimits)

  • Cappella will release "U Got 2 Know 2002" on vinyl only in Germany on Robber Music. (DAI)

  • CBT Heineken Dance Festival 2002

    After the successful first performance last year, Celorico de Basto, a small village in the North of Portugal is preparing to host the CBT Dance Festival 2002 again on the 9th and 10th of August. Last year, some of the most important names in Dance Music were present at CBT as LTJ Bukem, Todd Terry, Sofa Surfers, Aqua Bassino, Cinematic Orchestra, Silicone Soul and many others who attracted about 10.000 people to join the festival. This year the organization expects to seduce even more people to this electronic and dance Music Festival!

    Bands and DJs like Mo´Horizons, Koop, Gilles Petterson + Mc Earl Zinger, dzihan and Kamien and
    Luke Slater will perform their beats on the main stage. Above that, about 40 national and international DJs will provide the music for the other 4 areas in the festival.

    The main tent will be the playground for the DJs of World Beats, House and Techno as François Kervokian,
    DJ Harvey, Samuel L Sessions, DJ Vibe and the Bays to name the most important ones.

    The Drum n´Bass area is new in CBT and tries to match the increasing interest of people in this kind of music.

    DJ Hype, Craze, Mc IC3, Red One, Andy C, Marco Bailey and Marky will create the breaking sounds of
    Drum n´Bass.

    For more information go to http://www.cbtdancefestival.com/.


  • Therese Grankvist (ex-Drömhus) has released a new single called "Monkey".
    A new album entitled "Acapulco" will be released this fall in Sweden. (DAI)

  • Ian van Dahl won the Dancestar Award for Best Trance Act. (DAI)

  • Sharam Jey & Nick K's "Don't Lie... Again" will be released on 22nd of July. Two years after "Don't Lie" was originally released, the pairing of Sharam Jey & Nick K go back to their criminally overlooked cut and give
    "Don't Lie" a new, phatter reworking for 2002. (DAI & Hooj)


    1. Don't Lie (Sharam Jey's Nu Mix)
    2. Don't Lie (Nick K. Remix)
    3. Don't Lie (Smitty & Davenport Remix)

  • New from Nostrum & Frank Künne is the track "Don't You Want Me", originally by Felix. (Nolimits)

  • Bobby Summer vs. Time Bandits will release the track "I'm Only Shooting Love", it's an remake
    originally done by Time Bandits. (Nolimits)

  • From this years Loveparade comes The Love Committee with the track "Access Peace". (Nolimits)

  • New from Noèmi is the single-release "Y.O.U" and it will be released on July 29th. (Dai/Nolimits)


    1. Y.O.U. (Radio Edit)
    2. Y.O.U. (Noemi Mix)
    3. Y.O.U. (Mezziah Mix)
    4. Y.O.U. (Green Court Mix)
    5. Y.O.U. (Tomcraft Mix)
    6. Multimedia Track

  • New from Mario Lopez is the track "Feel So Good" and it will be released on July 29th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Feel So Good (Radio Version)
    2. Feel So Good (Radio Remix)
    3. Feel So Good (Original Mario Lopez Mix)
    4. Feel So Good (Paul'n' Johnsen Mix)
    5. Feel So Good (Club Remix)
    6. Feel So Good (Accapella)

  • New from Toby Lee Connor is the track "Follow The Sun" and it will be released on August 26th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from DJ's @ Work is the single entitled "Fly With Me (To The Moon)" and it will be released on August 5th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Seraque is the single "My Dreams. (Nolimits)

  • New from Helen Garcia is the single "Soul Shooting Sun". (Nolimits)

  • New from Dariush is the single "Ira". (Nolimits)

  • New from b.o.b. ltd is the single "House Time". (Nolimits)

  • New from Syntone is the single "Can't Believe It". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Boozy Woozy feat. Pryme is the single "Jumpin` Around".


  • Dario G, famous for the hits "Sunchyme" and "Carneval De Paris", released a new single
    called "Heaven Is Closer" on July 1st. (DAI)


    1. Heaven Is Closer (Radio Edit)
    2. Heaven Is Closer (Ralphie B Vocal Edit)
    3. Heaven Is Closer (Pulser Remix)
    4. Heaven Is Closer (Pablo Gargano Remix)
    5. Heaven Is Closer (X-Tended Edit)

  • DJ Tiesto released the compilation "In Search Of Sunrise 3" on June 24th. (DAI)


    01. Noa Assembly - Into The Fire
    02. Denis ZHabkin - Hear You Now (Grand Chillas mix)
    03. Starecase - Faith (Loafer mix)
    04. Andain - Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel mix)
    05. Solar Stone - Solar Coaster
    06. Tremor - Meia Lua (Steve Gibbs remix)
    07. DJ Tiesto - In My Memory (Gabriel and Dresden Elephant Memory vocal mix)
    08. Argonaut - Your Body Is A Temple
    09. World Clique - Don't Do It
    10. Chiller Twist - Stringz Ultd. (Shelley mix)
    11. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto remix)
    12. Accessive Rhythm - Activate
    13. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden remix)
    14. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes
    15. Jericho - Personal Reflexion

  • Just a few days ago a whitelabel was released called "U Got 2 Know 2002". A whitelabel is of course a 12" vinyl record with several mixes, but without the official artist name. But we all know who this is, since it has been released by Media Records.

    This is the new Cappella track and it is still unknown if this track will be released officially with a single edit,
    but there is a big chance that this will happen. (CJ Pelupessy)


    1. U Got 2 Know 2002 (Joy Kitikonti Remix)
    2. U Got 2 Know 2002 (Beam vs Cyrus Remix)
    3. U Got 2 Know 2002 (Mauro Picotto Remix)

  • Solid Sessions will release a single called "Janeiro" on July 29th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Nightwatchers will release a remake of Faithless superhit "Insomnia". (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Fiesta will release a single called "(Can't Live) Without You", a remake of Mariah Carey's hit. (Nolimits)

  • Ravers on Dope will release a new single on August 5th called "Get High". (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Get High (Video Mix)
    2. Get High (Original Mix)
    3. Acid (Club Mix)
    4. Get High (Club Mix)

  • Nigthrace has released a remake of Limahl's 80s hit "The Neverending Story", the single was released
    on July 1st. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. The Neverending Story (Radio Mix)
    2. The Neverending Story (Extended Mix)
    3. The Neverending Story (Club Mix)
    4. Show Me The Way

  • Yet another dance remake comes from Velvet, who have remade the T'Pau hit "China In Your Hands". (Nolimits)

  • Alexia will release an english verion of her latest album "Alexia" on August 24th. (DAI)


    01. Don't You Know
    02. Power Flower
    03. Jerry
    04. This Is My Life
    05. Don't Leave Me This Way
    06. Whenever You Want Me
    07. Hasta La Vista Baby
    08. The Real Thing
    09. Blues
    10. It's Not The End
    11. Sometimes
    12. Senza Di Te
    13. Se Un Giorno

  • Alexia released the single "Don't You Know (Dimmi Come)" in the beginning of July. (DAI)

  • A Seven/Anaconda new single is "Holding Out For A Hero / I Need A Hero". (Nolimits)

  • Prezioso feat. Marvin will release a new single on August 5th called "Somebody". (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Vincent Parkter is the single "Hello". (Nolimits)

  • Devils Dance has released a single called "Devils Dance". (Nolimits)

  • New from Anamorphic is the single "Dream". (Nolimits)

  • New from Russian Roulette is the single "Hands Up / Your Body On Me". (Nolimits)


  • Prefecto released a dance cover of Meatloaf's hit "Anything For Love" on June 28th. (DAI)


    1. Anything For Love (Radio Edit)			3.11
    2. Anything For Love (Radio Edit Long)		3.34
    3. Anything For Love (Plug`n` Play Trance Mix)	8.17
    4. Anything For Love (Extended Mix)			5.56
    5. Full Pressure					7.23

  • Echomen, producers Chris Scott and DJ Anton Fielding, will release a follow up to last years "Thru 2 You",
    the new release is called "Truth" and will be released on July 1st. (DAI)


    1. Truth (Original Vocal Mix)
    2. Truth (Weekend World Mix)
    3. Truth (Chris Lum Remix)
    4. Truth (Northern Lite Remix)

  • New from Amanda Lear is the single "I Just Wanna Dance". (DAI)

  • New from Erazor is the single "One Night In Bangkok 2002". (DAI)

  • New from Lion P is the single "Happy Children 2002". (DAI)

  • New from Vengeance feat. E-LA is the single "Self Control". (DAI)

  • Zyx has released a new compilation called "ITALO 2002 - Fresh Hits Vol.5". (DAI)


    01. 2 Sexy - Like A Prayer
    02. 7-7-0 - Freed From Desire
    03. Amanda Lear - I Just Wanna Dance Again
    04. Bacon Popper - I Gonna Do
    05. Bbb - Blackbird
    06. Billy Moore - Up & Down (Don't Fall In Love With
    07. Blue Storm - You'll Take Someone
    08. Clueless - Rhythm Of The Night
    09. Constanzo - L'italiano
    10. D.H.S. - House Of God
    11. Db 74 - I Can't Wait
    12. Dhany - Quiero Respirar
    13. Dj Cerla - Sahara Rave
    14. Dj Pippi - Fatal Fatal
    15. Donna Di Palma - I Run To You
    16. Dr. Flow - Muzzik
    17. E-Magic Feat. Nancy - Go!
    18. Erazor - One Night In Bankok
    19. Flame - Let Me Be The One (Run Run)
    20. Floorfilla - Le Delire
    01. Gigi D'agostino - Star
    02. Groove(A)Holics - Children 2002
    03. In-Grid - Tu Es Foutu
    04. J.K. - Make Me Feel
    05. Jon K - Tainted Love
    06. Klubhoppers - Buddy Joe
    07. Kmc Feat. Dhany - I Feel So Fine
    08. Lion Project - Happy Children 2002
    09. Luna Park - Space Melody
    10. Mario Pi£ Aka Dj Arabesque - The Vision
    11. Mash - I Like The House
    12. Nightboys - Mushroom
    13. Noname - Off
    14. Pino Pino - Mission Of Love
    15. Plaything - Into Space
    16. Raul Rincon Feat. Brok Landers - Happy Station
    17. Snap! Vs. Plaything - Do You See The Light
    18. Sugar.M - Ready 4 Your Kiss
    19. Teknolova - The Legend
    20. Whigfield - Gonna Getcha

  • Mark'Oh's single "Let This Party Never End" was finally released on June 24th after some delays. (Yvonne)

  • On June 24th Aurora released their new single entitled "The Day It Rained Forever". (DAI)

  • Gavin & Nox, Chris van Gavin & Tom Nox, released the single "Gold" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Gold					3.32
    2. Gold (DJ Teeno Remix - Single Version)	3.32
    3. Gold (Tom Nox House Cut)			5.25
    4. Gold (DJ Teeno Remix - Extended Version)	6.21
    5. Gold (Chris van Gavin Smooth Edit)	4.49
    6. Dreams (The Invasion)			3.45

  • After "In Your Dreams" the female eurodance-artist Noémi is back again with a new title which is called "You". (Nolimits)

  • New from Yanou feat. Do is the single called "On and On" and it will be released on July 22nd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Ross is the single called "Dreamland" and will be released on July 8th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Back again is Alex Butcher with the dance-cover "Sweet Dreams", originally done by the pop-group
    Eurythmics, the single was released on June 17th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Lothos new single is called "The Sky Is The Limit". (Nolimits)

  • Blackjack new single is called "Into The Groove" and will be released on July 29th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Moguai is the single "U Know Y" and it will be released on July 22nd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Ne from Megara vs. DJ Lee is the single "Full Intention" and will be released on July 29th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Full Intention (Single Mix)
    2. Full Intention (Club Mix)
    3. Full Intention (Chemistry Rmx)

  • Resource new single is "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight". (Nolimits)

  • New from Perpetuous Dreamer, Armin van Buuren, is the trance tune "Dust.wav" and it was released on June 24th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from J.C.A. is the single "I Begin To Wonder" and will be released on July 15th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. I begin to wonder (Original Radio Edit)
    2. I begin to wonder (Club Mix)
    3. I begin to wonder (Bini & Martini Club Mix)
    4. I begin to wonder (Matthias Schaffhäuser Remix)

  • New from Unconditional is the single "The Journey 1". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ's Ohne Namen is the single "Der Kasper". (Nolimits)

  • "Castles in the Sky" (with vocals by Marsha) is nominated at the World Dance Music Awards (London) in the category: "Best Record of the Year" other nominees in this category are X-Press 2 - "Lazy, Supermen Lovers - "Starlight", Roger Sanchez - "Another Chance", Iio - "Rapture".

    Ian van Dahl, the dance act is nominated in the category "Best Trance Act". Next to Ian van Dahl in this category, you will find: Iio - "Rapture", PPK - "ResuRection", Lasgo - "Something" and Riva ft Dannii Minogue - "Who Do You Love Now?".

    The World Dance Music Awards will take place on July 3rd @ Alexandra Palace in London. To vote for your favorite artist and for more info www.dancestar.net. By voting for your favorite artist you can win a trip to the World Dance Music Awards 2003 in Miami. (Marsha)

  • The recently released album "A.C.E." by Ian van Dahl has only been out for three weeks and is already Gold! The album has been released in about 50 countries. (Marsha)

  • New from E-Type is the single "Banca Banca". (DAI)


  • New from William Hawk is the single "Sunrise". (Nolimits)

  • New from Robin S is the single "Show Me Love" and will be released on July 15th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Adrima is the single "I Can't Stand It". (Nolimits)

  • New from Avalon meets Mythos'n DJ Cosmo is the single "Feels Like Heaven". (Nolimits)

  • New from T. J. is the single "Mellow Claps (Different Light)" and will be released on July 15th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Mellow claps (Different Light)(Single Edit)
    2. Mellow claps (Different Light)(Yakooza Radio Mix)
    3. Mellow claps (Different Light)(Klubbingman Club Mix)
    4. Mellow claps (Different Light)(Rocco Remix)
    5. Mellow claps (Different Light)(Yakooza Club Mix)
    6. Mellow claps (Different Light)(Klubbingman Club Instrumental)

  • New from Alcazar is the single "Don't You Want Me" and will be released on July 1st. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Tatana is the single "Words" and will be released on July 8th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Tomcraft is the single "Bang Bang". (Nolimits)

  • New from Kyau versus Albert is the single "Save Me" and will be released on July 8th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Kylie Minogue is the single "Love At 1st Sight" and was released on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Deejane Alleen is the single "Have a Break". (Nolimits)

  • Amber's new album "Naked" will be coming out on August 20th. (DAI)

  • Hooj will release a compilation on June 17th called "Further". (DAI)


    CD1 (mixed)
    01. Soul Designer - Sweet Harmonies
    02. J. Dahlbäck & K. Marchi - The Enchantress
    03. Rulers Of The Deep - Track One (Dedicated to DJ Dozia)
    04. Velocity Boy - Sons Of The Desert (Ian O'Brien Mix)
    05. Dada Munchamonkey - The Operator (Rocket Remix)
    06. Danny Sulivan - Snakecharmer
    07. Marcelo Castelli - Tribalismo
    08. Dave Angel - Sound And Light
    09. DJ Linus - Who Stole The Soul? (Weed Cut)
    10. Northern Lights - Treat Me Better
    11. Quinn 'Kerbcrawler' Whalley - Hold Tight
    12. Flash Brothers - Hazy March (Original Mix)
    13. Lula - The DJ, The Music & Me (differentGear Remix)
    14. DJ Rasoul - Oh Baby (Original Mix)
    15. Paul Mac - An Attempt To Remember
    CD2 (mixed)
    01. Telepopmuzik - Breathe (Marcus Nikolai Mix)
    02. Mazi & Nathan Larsen - Trip San Paulo
    03. Felix Da Housecat - What Does It Feel Like? (Royksopp Mix)
    04. Stylus Trouble - Voodoo Nights
    05. U.S.L (Underground Sound Of Lisbon) - The Lights (Red Pepper Mix)
    06. Subway Baby - Gotta Stop
    07. Patrick Turner - Midnight Dancer
    08. Echomen - Truth
    09. Joshua Collins - Willpower
    10. Lovesky - Drums 4 Better Daze (16C+ Remix)
    11. Sharam Jey & Nick K. - Don't Lie (Sharam Jey's Nu Mix)
    12. Chris Lum - Big Tool
    13. Lee Coombs & The Drum-attic Twins - Tribal Tension (Break Mix)
    14. Chris Lum - Oh Yeah (History Repeats)

  • DJ Chus Presents The Groove Foundation will release a single called "That Feeling" on June 24th. (DAI)

  • 68 Beats will release a single called "Free Your Mind", produced by Robbie Rivera, on July 1st. (DAI)

  • Liquid People will release a single called "Monster" on July 8th. (DAI)

  • Riva - "Time Is a Healer" will be released in the UK on August 5th. (Glenn106FM)

  • DeeDee - "Forever" will be released in the UK on July 8th. (Glenn106FM)

  • Kosheen will released the single "Hungry" in the UK on July 29th. (Glenn106FM)

  • New from 4 Strings is the single "Diving". (Glenn106FM)

  • Mark Oh is getting a UK release with "Never Stop That Feeling". (Glenn106FM)

  • Flip'n'Fill - UK release for "Shooting Star". (Gleen106FM)

  • Paffendorf new entry in the UK chart this week with "Be Cool", it got to 7. It also was the highest new entry. (Glenn106FM)

  • Ian van Dahl - "ACE" entered the UK album chart at 7. (Glenn106FM)

  • New from Whigfield is the single "Gotta Getcha" and will be released on June 24th. (WHIGFIELD online Germany)


    1. Gotta Getcha (Album Version)
    2. Saturday Night 2002 (Abigails Party Remix)

  • New album from Whighfield is "Whigfield IV" and will be released on July 22nd. (WHIGFIELD online Germany)


    01. Gotta Getcha  3.48
    02. Amazing And Beautiful  4.33
    03. Beep Beep  3.42
    04. Boys Boys Boys  3.21
    05. Fantasy  3.54
    06. Candy  3.30
    07. I Knew Before  3:42
    08. My Love'S Gone  4.13
    09. Get Get Get  3.12
    10. Take Me To The Summertime  3.30
    11. Outside Life  4.49
    12. Welcome To Fun  3.40
    13. My My  3.45
    14. Every Single Day & Night  3.49
    15. Tomorrow  3.40

  • New from 666 is the single "Rhythm Takes Control" and it will be released on June 17th. (DAI)


    1. Rhythm Takes Control (666 In The Mix) 9.51
    2. Rhythm Takes Control (Noemi Fly With The Beat Mix) 6.34
    3. Beats'n'Voices 2.20
    Remix CD
    1. Rhythm Takes Control (Starsplash Remix) 7.15
    2. Rhythm Takes Control (DJ T-Rob Remix) 8.35

  • New from Shakedown is the single "At Night" and will be released on July 1st. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Gadjo is the single "Besame Mucho" and will be released on July 15th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Andre Visior is the single "Speed Up (Luvstruck 2002)" and will be released on July 15th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Kenny Takito is the single "Moskito". (Nolimits)

  • New from 4 Clubbers is the single "Together" and will be released on July 1st. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Next release from Moby will be the single "Extreme Ways". (DAI)

  • A new project is born:
    "This project sees the three most succesfull Dutch eurodance vocalists in one band:

    2 Unlimited - Anita Doth
    T-Spoon - Linda Estelle
    2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Des'Ray

    Together they've had more than 45 hits in Holland and outside of Holland. "No Limits", "The Real Thing",
    "Sex On The Beach", "No Time 2 Waste", "Dreams" and "Come Take My Hand" are just a few of the hits
    they scored.

    They have joined together to form a band called Diva's of Dance. This project is just for fun and not
    permanent. They still have their other activities too.

    The three girls have met behind the scenes many times at performances, but they have never been on stage together... now is the time for them to do what they always wanted... sing together.

    They will perform covers like "We Are Family" and "Lost In Music", which will be updated to the sound of now.
    And they will do medleys of their own hits... but because there is no rapper in the band, each singer will
    step in to help eachother when they're performing the old 2 Unlimited, T-Spoon and 2 Brothers tracks!

    A single is NOT planned, but who knows what might happen. But at the moment it is purely for the shows which they will perform. Look at it as a flashback to the 90s. It's great to see those vocalists on stage together."
    (CJ Pelupessy)

  • In late September this year, Ace of Base are going to release their long awaited, yet to be titled new studio album. The 1st single of the album is scheduled to hit European radio in July. (Amir)


  • Moony (Monica Bragato) will release the single "Dove (I'll Be Loving You)" on June 3rd. The single will include remixes by Full Intention, John Creamer, Andrea T Mendoza and Stephane K. (DAI)

  • Flash Brothers will release the single "Hazy March" on June 3rd. (DAI)


    1. Hazy March (Original Mix)
    2. Captured (Original Mix)
    3. Captured (Joshua Collins Remix)
    4. Hazy March (Ils Remix)

  • The new single from the German dance-star Isabel is called "Like Snow in June (Da Di Da Du)". (Chris)

  • New from ATC is the single "Set Me Free" and it will be released on June 3rd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Alex C. feat. Yazmin will release the single "Rhythm of The Night" on June 3rd. Alex C. = Alex Christensen (man behind many projects, but best known by U96) brings with this song a cover of Corona's hit. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1.Rhythm Of The Night (Single Edit)
    2.Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Version)
    3.Rhythm Of The Night (Pulsedriver Remix)
    4.Rhythm Of The Night (Lazard Remix)
    5.Rhythm Of The Night (Frank Kuenne Remix)
    6.All My Life

  • New from DJ Frost is the track "Poison". (Nolimits)

  • Ice MC will start again into charts with an remake of his former dancefloor-hit "Think About The Way 2002". (Nolimits)

  • New from Stevie B. is an album entitled "The Hit Album". (Nolimits)

  • New from Johnny O. is an album entitled "The Sounds Of My Heart". (Nolimits)

  • Sub7even feat. En Vogue released the single "Free Your Mind" on May 21st. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Free Your Mind (Radio Version)
    2. Free Your Mind (Album Version)
    3. Living In A Nightmare

  • Double You will try it again with the single "Music (Is The Answer)". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Snowman is the single "... And They Start To Dance". (Nolimits)

  • New from Essential DJ Team is the single "Bad Boyz". (Nolimits)

  • Blank & Jones will soon release the single "Watching The Waves". (DAI/Nolimits)


    Vinyl 1:
    A: Watching The Waves (Original Mix)
    B: Watching The Waves (Ambient Mix)
    Vinyl 2 (Remixes):
    A: Watching The Waves (Svenson & Gielen Remix)
    B: Watching The Waves (Van Bellen Remix)

  • New from Sergeant Pepper is the single "NINO". (Nolimits)


  • Ian van Dahl - album "ACE" out now in Belgium, USA & Canada and in the UK next week.
    Click here to watch the e-flyer. (DAI)


    01. Intro
    02. Reason
    03. After All
    04. Satisfy Me
    05. Will I
    06. Nights On Java
    07. Try
    08. Lonely
    09. Be Mine
    10. Castles In The Sky
    11. Nothing Left To Say
    12. Tears
    13. {'intelu:d}
    14. Secret Love
    15. Tomorrow

  • Also new from Ian van Dahl is the third single "Reason" which has been a UK midweek TOP10. (DAI)

  • Lovestern Galaktika Project meets Pulsedriver & Ole van Dansk will soon release "Move For Freedom". (Nolimits)

  • New from Nordlicht is the single "Within Each Of Us". (Nolimits)

  • The new album from E-Rotic is called "Cocktail D'Erotique" and the album after that is called "Total Recall"
    and will feature the old hits in a new style. (Sylvia Czirr/DAI)

  • The next single from E-Rotic is a classic in new shape: "Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex 2002". (Sylvia Czirr)

  • It seems that 2BOT4F have split up, Des'ray has started a solo career and D-Rock is still working with E-Life.
    The whereabouts of Bobby and Martin Boer are currently unknown. (Lennart Zalemink)


  • DJ Bobo will release a VHS & DVD called "DJ BoBo - Celebration - The 10th Anniversary Show". It's 160 minutes long and contains several bonusmaterials. It will be released on June 10th. (DAI)

  • DJ Sammy is back with a new track entitled "Sunlight". (Nolimits)

  • New from SQ 1 is the track "Balare". (Nolimits)

  • Floorfilla will release the single "Le Délire" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Novaspace released "Time After Time" on May 6th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Happy People will release the track "Happy DJ's" on June 24th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Foggy will release the single "Take The Future" on June 24th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Kim Carnes will release the single "Bette Davies Eyes 2002" on June 3rd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Mousse T., famous for the single "Horny", has released a new single called "Fire". (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Fire (Radio Edit)
    2. Fire (Royal G.'s Radiomix)
    3. Fire (Mousse T.'s Explosive Mix)
    4. Fire (John Ciafone Dub)
    5. Fire (Shakedown's Firehorse Mix)

  • Filur released the track "I Want You" on May 13th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • The Joker feat. Julie Mckenna has released the single "Release Me". (Nolimits)

  • New from Deejane Alleen is the track "Have a Break". (Nolimits)

  • Armin van Buuren's new compilation is called "AVB004 - Tranceparance" and will be released on May 21th. (DAI)


    CD 1
    01. Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Hybrid's Super Collider Mix)
    02. Way Out West ft Tricia Lee Kelshall - Mindcircus (DJ Dazzle's Royal Air Force Mix)
    03. Busy Boys ft Nat - Flow Emotion (Galea And Lush Mix)
    04. Viridian - Sunhump (Classified Project Remix #2)
    05. Joker Jam - Innocence (Paul van Dyk TPOD Remix)
    06. Weekend Players - Into The Sun (Riva Remix)
    07. Space Lovers - Spacelover (Daniele Tino Space Dark Mix)
    08. Konkrete - Law Unto Myself (Dub Version)
    09. Alpha Breed - Beyond The Moon (Freejack's Energy Mix)
    10. Robert & Jaron - Walls of Indonesia
    11. Aquanuts - Deep Sea
    12. Taste Experience - Highlander
    13. Shane - Too Late To Turn (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
    CD 2
    01. Project Medusa vs. Exor - Moonshine (Exor Mix Part II)
    02. 2 Players - Signet
    03. Midway - Monkey Forest
    04. Futura Legend ft Christine - Restless Nature (Signum Remix)
    05. Body Shock - Mars - Plastic
    06. 4 Strings - Into the Night (Coast To Coast Remix)
    07. Avalanche - Friendzone
    08. Push - Tranzy State of Mind
    09. Perpetuous Dreamer - Dub.wav
    10. Airwave vs. Rising Star - Sunspot
    11. M-Diva - Reachin' Out
    12. Rank 1 - Awakening

  • Hooj will release an EP called the "Missing Pieces EP" on May 20th. (DAI)


    01. Tilt - I Dream [Tilt's Resurrection Mix]
    02. Salt Tank - Eugina [Leama Mix]
    03. Miro - By Your Side [Original Mix]
    04. Tilt - Invisible [Tilt's Supernatural Dub]

  • New from Socrates is the self-entitled hard progressive trance single "Socrates". (DAI)

  • New from Groove Coverage is the single "Moonlight Shadow". (Nolimits)

  • New from Beat Checkazz is the single "The Power of Love". (Nolimits)

  • New from Fragma is the single "Embrace Me". (Nolimits)

  • Tom Wax released the single "... And Then It Hit Me" on May 13th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • The Partynator feat. Sharon Williams will release the single "The Time of My Life" on May 27th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • S Club Juniors will release the single "One Step Closer" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Pulsedriver will release the single "Time / Koma" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Kim Sanders will release an new track in the future, no details available at this time. (Nolimits)

  • Bro'Sis will release "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" on June 03rd. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • No Angels released the single "Something About Us / Like Ice In The Sunshine" on May 06th. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Something About Us (Latin Radio Edit)
    2. Something About Us (R&B Single Edit)
    3. Something About Us (Club Radio Edit)
    4. Something About Us (Extended Edit)
    5. Like Ice In The Sunshine (Single Version)

  • New from Cosmic Gate is the single "The Truth" and it will be released on June 03rd. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. The Truth (Video Edit)
    2. The Truth (Original Mix)
    3. The Truth (DJ Isaac Remix)
    4. The Truth (Ferry Corsten Remix)

  • Hermes House Band & DJ Ötzi will release a cover of Opus' hit "Live is Life" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • Mike MH 4 has released the track "Pinball". (Nolimits)

  • Moonwalker will release "Such a Shame" on June 03rd. (DAI/Nolimits)


    1. Such a shame (Single Version)
    2. Such a shame (Kosmonova Radio Edit)
    3. Such a shame (Moonwalker's Radio Version)
    4. Such a shame (Extended Club Version)
    5. Such a shame (Kosmanova Club Remix)
    6. Such a shame (Extended Trance Version)
    7. Such a shame (Moonwalker's UK House Remix)
    8. Such a shame (Compu-Tronic MY House Remix)

  • New from Das Licht is the track "Take Off". (Nolimits)

  • 3 Force released the single "It's Real" on May 06th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • 7 Elements has released "Take U High". (Nolimits)

  • DJ Steve L will release the track "Drop The Needle" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • New from Reeloop is the single "Fucking Society 2002". (Nolimits)

  • New from Clubb Robbers is the track "I Like It Loud". (Nolimits)

  • New from Grossmann / Spranger is the track "Der Abschied (Au Revoir Lolita)". (Nolimits)

  • Dance Nation will release a follow-up to "Sunshine" called "Dance" on June 10th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • 4 Clubbers have a new tune out, its called "Together". (Glenn106fm)

  • Starsplash, the follow up to "Free" is the single, "Rainbow In The Sky". (Glenn106fm)

  • New from Jason Prince is the track "True". (Glenn106fm)

  • New from Mad House, current smash hit is "Like A Prayer", is the single "Holiday". (Glenn106fm)


  • Dax Riders' new single "Real Fonky Time" will be released in on May 14th in the US, and the
    full length album "Backintown" in June. (FilterMMM)

    Tracklisting for "Backintown"

    01. Backintown
    02. Real Fonky Time
    03. Midnight Underground
    04. You are the Sunshine of My Life
    05. Set Me Free
    06. People
    07. Music Paradise
    08. Can't Stop Lovin'
    09. Don't Worry
    10. Shine on Me
    11. Out of Content
    12. Anything
    13. People (Dax Mix)
    14. Real Fonky Time (Robbie Rivera Funkatron Remix)

  • The third single from B 3's album "First" is "I.O.I.O" and is a dance remake of an BeeGee's song. (Nolimits)

  • New from Missy Elliot is "This Is For My People". (Nolimits)

  • Digital Rockers has released their first singl e,it's entitled "Because I Love You" and it contains a sample
    from the original song by Steve B. The single contains a 'Club version', a 'Marc Aurel remix' and a
    'Mario Lopez remix'. The producer of this single is Mark 'Oh. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Zyx has released a compilation called "Synth & Wave Essentials". (DAI)

  • Illinton feat. Coco Sapur's single "New Dreams EP" will be released on May 13th on Hooj. (DAI)


    01. New Dreams [12" Mix]
    02. New Dreams [Chillout Beats]
    03. New Dreams [Dub]
    04. Desert Storm
    05. Piano Moods

  • Robert Miles released "Improvisations P2" on April 22nd. (DAI)

  • Praga Khan's new album "Freakazoid" was released in Europe on May 6th and will be
    released in the US on May 28th. (DAI)

  • Lange is currently busy working on his new single. The track is at currently untitled. (DAI)

  • Earthbound's new single "Mission: Dreams" has been delayed until May 21th. (DAI)


  • "Distant Places" by LD30 featuring Marsha currently at #32 on the Billboard Dance Top Chart. (Marsha)

  • "Moments" by DJ Philip currently in the Belgian national dancechart on #2 after a couple of weeks on #1,
    and new entry in the national singles chart at #46. (Marsha)


  • New from Airwave is the single "Another Dimension". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Andy Jay Powell meets Robert is the single "Like A Dream". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Angel One is the single "Everybody's Free". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Atlantic Ocean is the single "Waterfall 2002". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Bass T. feat. DJ Schwede is the single "How Low Can You Go". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Billy More is the single "Loneliness". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Bubbles is the single "Somewhere". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Captain Jack feat. DJ Otzi is the single "Don't You Know It (Don't Hahaha)". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Cosmic Gate is the single "The Truth Dance Nation ­ Dance". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Das Light is the single "Take Off / Pull Down". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ Encore feat. Engelina is the single "You've Got The Way". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ Quicksilver pres. Base Unique is the single "Always On My Mind". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ Romer is the single "I Have A Dream". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ RPM is the single "Poppin' Da Bazz". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ Schwede is the single "Yakety Yak / You Took My Love". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ Shah is the single "High". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ Wag is the single "Black Magic". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Donkey Doo meets Tory Kay is the single "Sunrise At Home". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Emmanuel Top is the single "Acid Phase 2002". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Escanor is the single "Open Your Eyes". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from E-Type is the single "Africa". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Floorfilla is the single "Techno Romance". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Foggy is the single "Take The Future". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Headquarter is the single "Pumpin". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Hiver & Hammer is the single "Step By Step". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Hooligan is the single "Hear You Now". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Human Resource is the single "Dominator 2002". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Junkfood Junkies is the single "Spin Out". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Kai Tracid is the single "Trance & Acid". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Kaylab is the single "Pray No Pop". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Laava is the single "Wherever You Are". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Lars Palmas is the single "Penetrator". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Marc Et Claude is the single "Feel You". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Miss Peppermint is the single "Back In Time". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Nicole feat Han W is the single "I Don't Love You Anymore". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Pandera is the single "From Sunrise 2 Sunset". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Phazeshifter is the single "El Condor Pasa". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Potatoheads is the single "I Wanna Rock (This Place)". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Raver's Nature is the single "Hands Up Ravers 2002". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Rigor Mortis is the single "Flesh & Bones". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Ruudaman is the single "I Am Better". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Sergent Pepper is the single "Nino". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Spacekid is the single "Moi Lolita". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Stee Wee Bee is the single "Fuck This Bitch". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Technoboy is the single "Harddrive". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Tenth Planet is the single "Walk On Water". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from The Joker feat Julie Mc Kenna is the single "Release Me". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Tonka is the single "Never/ J.O.E.". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Vernon’s Place is the single "Wonderer 2002". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from DJ's @ Work is the album "Teamwork", which includes 16 awesome tracks. (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Marco V is the double trance-cd album "Confusion". (Deck-a-Dance)

  • New from Ian van Dahl is the album "A.C.E.", which includes 16 typical Ian van Dahl tracks. (Deck-a-Dance)

  • The new single from Whigfield is "Gotta Getcha" and is set to be released in May. (Whigfield.tk)

  • The new album from Whigfield is called "Whigfield IV" and will be released soon. (Whigfield.tk)

  • DJ Rasoul's new single "Oh Baby" will be released on April 29th. (DAI)


    01. Oh Baby(Original Mix)
    02. Oh Baby(Chus & Ceballos Iberican Remix)
    03. Oh Baby(Quinn "Kerbcrawler" Remix)
    04. Oh Baby(Red Jerry's Airtight Mix)

  • Tom Middleton's cd "Sound of the Cosmos" will be released on April 29th. (DAI)

  • The Scumfrog, has updated Bowie's 80s hit "Loving The Alien", and Positiva will be releasing it in the UK on April 29th. (DAI)

  • Rose single "Why Are You Nervous?" is set for release on May 13th. (DAI)

  • The compilation by Armin van Buuren called "Armin van Buuren 004" is set for release on May 21th. (DAI)

  • Armin van Buuren's first artist album will be released this fall. (DAI)

  • The new single from Brooklyn Bounce is "Loud & Proud" and is set to be released on June 10th. (DAI)

  • New from Moonwalker is the single "Such a Shame". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Isaac is the single "On The Edge". (Nolimits)

  • New from 7 Elements is the single "Take You High". (DAI)

  • New from Gym Nastix is the single "Beide Arme Nach Oben". (Nolimits)

  • New from Honey Bunch is the single "L. O. V. E. (Makin' Love In The Car)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Abel Ramos is the single "One More". (DAI)

  • The new single "Piece Of Cake" with Popshop will be released in Sweden the April 29th. The single is taken from the forthcoming album "How To Tango" which will be released in Sweden on May 27th. (DAI)


  • Dee Dee's new single is to be released in Belgium before the summer. (DAI)

  • New from Humate is the single "Vivid". (Nolimits)

  • New from Marc et Claude featuring Tony Hadley is the single "Feel You". (Nolimits)

  • New from La Valeé is the single "The Sky Ain't The Limit". (Nolimits)

  • New from Tillmann Uhrmacher is the single "On The Run". (Nolimits)

  • New from Just Us is the single "What A Night". (Nolimits)

  • New from Moonwalker is the single "Such A Shame". (Nolimits)

  • New from M@d is the single "The Tiger EP". (Nolimits)

  • New from Steve is the single "By My Side". (Nolimits)

  • New from Santos is the single "Camels". (Nolimits)


  • Matt Darey feat. Marcella Woods has released a single called Beautiful including 2002 remixes by Pulser, Hiver & Hammer and also the original mix. (Angel)

  • Mesh will release the single "Leave You Nothing" on April 15th. (DAI)

  • Mesh released the full-length album entitled "Who Watches Over Me? on April 08th. (DAI)

  • DB Boulevard will release the hit "Point of View" on April 15th. (DAI)

  • Puretone, current hit is "Addicted To Bass", will release their full-length album entitled
    "There's No Accounting For Taste" in the near future. (DAI)


    01. Thrillseekers
    02. Rollin'
    03. Keep On
    04. St. Patricks Day
    05. Addicted To Bass
    06. Radio Jordan
    07. Echoes
    08. Lift Me Up
    09. 1 And 9
    10. Hypersensitive
    11. Dudley Street
    12. Free
    13. Headroom
    14. Break Up Song

  • New from Angel One is "Everybody`s Free" (a dance-cover of Rozalla's old hit). (Nolimits)

  • New from R. P. S. is the single "The Unforgiven 2002". (Nolimits)

  • New from Laava is the single "Wherever You Are". (Nolimits)

  • New from Da Rogue is the single "Die Ankunft". (Nolimits)

  • New from Chevara is the single "The Vibe". (Nolimits)

  • New from D. C. E. is the single "Rewind The Tape". (Nolimits)

  • New from Mash is the single "I Just Died In Your Arms". (Nolimits)

  • The Soundlovers are back with a new single called "Flow". (Nolimits)

  • New from Rebus is the single "Shut Up And Dance". (Nolimits)

  • New from Phil Jay is the single "Feel Alive". (Nolimits)

  • New single from Future Breeze is "Ocean Of Eternity". (Glenn)

  • New single form Aquagen is "Every Day". (Glenn)

  • New single from ATB is "Another Dimension". (Glenn)

  • New single from Rob Searle is "Sweet Dreams 2002". (Glenn)

  • New from Full Gainer is the track "Right Here Waiting" which is a cover of Richard Marx hit
    "Right Here Waiting For You". (Nolimits)

  • New from Pulsar is the track "Talk To Me". (Nolimits)

  • New from DIX is the track "Make Yo! Body Pump". (Nolimits)

  • New from People Alive is the track "R U Ready 4". (Nolimits)

  • New from Molella is the single "Whistle`s Party". (Nolimits)


    01 Whistle's Party (Vai A Stare Bene Radio)	02.42
    02 Whistle's Party (Vai A Stare Bene Mix)	05.19
    03 Love Lasts Forever (Uba Mix)		05.55

  • The 5th album from Ace Of Base will be released in the second quarter. It will contain 12-14 tracks and
    will feature both Jenny and Linn on lead vocals. (Nolimits)

  • Unique II has released a new single called "2 Be As 1". (Nolimits)

  • Le Click (Kayo Shekoni and Sammuel De Rodas) is back with a new album entitled "In Shock 2002".
    (Euro Dance News)


    01. Feel So Right
    02. No More Tears
    03. 4U
    04. Remember Me
    05. Hero Of The Night
    06. A Place In My Heart
    07. Heartless
    08. Shock!
    09. Round & Round
    10. Light Up Me
    11. More The Volume
    12. Pressure
    13. 4U (Overworked Trance Mix)


  • New from Clubbstars is "La Da Di". (Nolimits)

  • New from M@Dis is "The Tiger EP". (Nolimits)

  • New from Limelightis is "Like a Prayer". (Nolimits)

  • New from Bradski and Jenskiis< is "Hardbeat (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Vernon's Worldis is "Wonderer". (Nolimits)

  • New from Studio 69 featuring Karl Friersonis is "Promised Land". (Nolimits)

  • New from Rollergirl is the single "Geisha Dreams". (Nolimits)

  • New from Hooligan is "Hear You Now". (Nolimits)

  • New from Sarah Brightman vs. ATB is "A Whiter Shade Of Pale (ATB Remix)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Pet Shop Boys is the single "Home and Dry" and the album "Release". (Nolimits)

  • New from S-Force presents Hyper is the track "Ride On A Meteorite" (cover of the euroclassic by Antares). (Nolimits)

  • New from Escanor is the single called "Open Your Eyes". (Nolimits)

  • New from Nalin Inc is the track "Scream". (Nolimits)

  • New from Venusmoon is the track "Succeed In Love". (Nolimits)

  • New from DRAX is the track "Amphetamine (Mixes)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Gardeweg is the track "All I Want". (Nolimits)

  • New from Ironbase is the track "Maschine Eisen Bass" . (Nolimits)


  • New from Kate Ryan is the single "Desenchantee". (Glenn)

  • The new single from Mark'Oh will be called "Let This Party Never End". The vocals will be provided by
    Miss Martha. The release date will be May 28th. (Yvonne Tienstra)

  • Aurora will release a new single called "Dreaming", it will be released on April 8th. (DAI)

  • New Phunk Theory (a.k.a Scott Bradford and Chris Scott) has released their second single.
    The new single is called "Colours of the Night" and features Mary Awere on vocals. (DAI)

  • New from Multiplicity (a.k.a Oliver Lieb) is the single "Python". (DAI)


  • BMG Germany has confirmed that the release date of the new La Bouche album has been delayed.
    The new release date will be April 29th. (Casper Janssen)

  • Ian van Dahl new single "Reason" will be released in the UK on May 13. The promo has already been released. An album is also coming soon. (Glenn)

  • Milk Inc will release "In My Eyes" in the UK on 6th May. (Glenn)

  • The next track from Lasgo will be "Pray" - taken from the album "Some Things" (Glenn).


  • New from Starsplash is the album "Here We Go Again". (DAI)


    01. Starsplash Intro
    02. Free
    03. Forward Ever, Backward Never
    04. Wonderful Days
    05. Hands up
    06. Sometimes
    07. Deep inside my heart
    08. Fantasy
    09. Rainbow in the sky
    10. I wanna hold u (... Beetle Song)
    11. Gimme a Star (Splash!)
    12. Get Loud!
    13. Light up the night
    14. China Lounge

  • New from DJ Moe is the track "Step The Fuck". (Nolimits)

  • New from Ferry Corsten is the track "Punk". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Shog is the track "This Is My Sound". (Nolimits)

  • New from Network Red is the track "Russian Melody". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Gollum presents Langenhagen is the track "Moinsen !". (Nolimits)

  • RE-VIVAL has made a remake om Blümchen's breaktrough single, "Herz an Herz", release date is April 15th. (Nolimits/DAI)


    01. Re-Vival vs. Blümchen - Herz An Herz (Clubb Mixx)
    02. Re-Vival vs. Blümchen - Herz An Herz (TL Connor Remix)

  • New from Colonel Abrams is the track "Trapped 2002 - Zombie Nation Edit". (Nolimits)

  • On March 18th a new compilation series was released called "Tune In". Volume 1 contains 2 cd's that
    are mixed by DJ Sam-pling and holds 10 tracks each. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • SMP presents DJ T-Kay has made another Dune remake (seems to be very popular these days).
    This time it's "Hand in Hand" which gets a makeover. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • New from Bohemia Soul is the track "P...Anna". (DAI)

  • New from DJ Yanny pres. Terraformer is the track "All Over !". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Tekram is the track "Warp". (Nolimits)


  • Marusha will release a mix-cd on April 29th. It will be released on the Proton label. (DAI)

  • Ian Van Dahl's next single is called "Reason", releasedate unknown. (DAI)

  • Alexia has just released an italian album, 9 out of the 10 tracks are sung in italian.
    The album was released on March 06 and is simply called "Alexia". (Jeff Drouin/DAI)


    01. Dimmi Come ...      	03:30
    02. Dire Dare           	03:08
    03. A Casa Di Jerry     	03:24
    04. Senza Di Te         	04:36
    05. Non Lasciarmi Mai   	03:29
    06. Se Un Giorno        	04:11
    07. Hasta La Vista Baby 	03:46
    08. L'Amore Vince       	03:33
    09. Blues                	04:23
    10. Don't You Know      	03:33

  • The first single from the Alexia's new album is called "Dimmi Come..." and was released on March 08. (DAI)

  • Phats & Small has released a new single called "Change", it was released on March 18th. (DAI)


    01. Change (Radio Edit)
    02. Change (Phunk Investigation Radio Edit)
    03. Change (Phunk Investigation Extended Vocal Mix)
    03. Change (A Small Phat One)

  • Phats & Small has also released a new album called "This Time Around", it was released on March 18th. (DAI)

  • New from Brandon is the album "Do it". (Nolimits)


  • On April 4th BMG Germany will release an album of La bouche feat. Melanie Thornton.
    This album will include the hits of La Bouche, the solo hits of the late Melanie Thornton,
    a videoclip of "Sweet Dreams" and two previously unreleased tracks of La Bouche.

    Because of the tragic death of Melanie, La Bouche definitely belongs to the past, and Lane McCray
    is working on his debut solo album "Naked Songs In The Key Of Love", which will be released late summer.
    Lane also feels in the wake of Melanies death there will be no more La Bouche. The magic died with her
    and cannot be recreated. (Casper Janssen)


    01. Sweet Dreams
    02. Be My Lover
    03. In Your Life (Previously Unreleased)
    04. Love How You Love Me
    05. Makin' Oooh Oooh
    06. Take Me 2 Heaven 2 Night (Previously Unreleased)
    07. Fallin' In Love
    08. Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)
    09. Bolingo
    10. Unexpected Lovers
    11. A Moment Of Love
    12. Heartbeat
    13. Shoo Bee Do Bee Do
    14. Where Do You Go
    15. Do You Still Need Me
    16. Forget Me Nots
    17. Sos
    18. Whenever You Want
    19. (Ready To Fly) No Tears
    20 You Won't Forget Me
    Multimediatrack - Video "Sweet Dreams"

  • Whyzer's brand new 12" is soon to be released, it's entitled "Colour (The Night)". It's scheduled to be
    released on March 20th and will contain three tracks, Radio Edit, Extended Mix and Creative Juice Edit. (DAI)

  • Yet another duo has decided to split up, this time it's Leftfield.

    "After 12 years with 2 fantastic albums and many classics their inspiration is empty",
    Neil Barnes and Paul Daley said. (J.J.H. Verkroost)

  • On March 25th, Sandra's 2nd single "Such A Shame" will be released. "Such A Shame" was
    composed by Mark David Hollis and Talk Talks version already is part of music history. (DAI)

  • Mental Theo has released a new single named "Stars 2002". (Nejc Vugrinec)

  • New from La Luna is the track "Here I Am". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • After many years of silence Datura is back with a new track called "Will Be One". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Orion Too feat. Caitlin has released a new track called "Hope And Wait". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • DJ Sakin & Friends are back with a new trance tune, this time is called "Little Paradise" (Deck-A-Dance).

  • DJ Session One new single is called "Can You Hear Me". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Crazy Doll has released a new happy hard trance tune called "Happy Song". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Commercial club hits the floor with the new track from Mango Maniax called "Jump Around". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Accenter and Three O new track is called "Nights On Acid". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Jan Wayne meets Lena is back with a new remake, previous one was "Total Eclipse Of The Heart",
    this time is "Because The Night" which gets a total overhaul. (Deck-A-Dance)

  • 770 has released the track "Freed From Desire 2002" and it's a remake of Gala's hit. (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Barcode Brothers has released the single "Live 2 Love". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Barcode Brothers has released the album "BB02". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Blaulicht 112 has release the track "Pinball". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Bomfunk MC's has released their second album. The new album is entitled "Burnin' Sneakers". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Bomfunk MC's has released the single "Live Your Life". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Commander Tom is the track "Sweet Thang". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from D-Devils is the track "Final Countdown". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Diana Fox is the track "Running On Empty". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from DJ Bailar feat. Wax is the track "Sound Of Life". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from DJ Gius is the track "Metal". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from DJ Scotty is the track "Get Wicked / Freaky". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from DJ Transformer is the track "Ecstasy". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Drax Ltd is the track "Amphetamine 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Fancy is the track "Pretty Woman". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Haddaway is the track "Love Makes". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from John Davies is the track "Love Is Everywhere". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Joy Kitikonti is the track "Agrimonyzer". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from KK Project is the track "I Like To Move it". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Klubbingman is the track "Open Your Mind". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Lazard is the track "4 O’Clock In The Morning". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Lexy & K-Paul is the track "Let's Play". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Marc et Claude is the track "The History Of Acid House". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Mario Lopez is the track "Free Your Mind". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Mauro Picotto is the track "Pulsar 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Members of Mayday is the track "Culture Flash" (this years MoM anthem). (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Modern Talking is the track "Ready For The Victory". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Molella is the track "Whistle’s Party". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Mute is the track "Miss A Beat". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Mystery is the track "Devotion". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Nalin Inc. is the track "Scream". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Push is the track "Tranzy State Of Mind". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from R.O.O.S. is the track "Instant Moments 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Rollergirl is the track "Geisha Dreams". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Russenmafia is the track "Afraid Of Us". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Ruudaman is the track "I Am Better". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Safri Duo is the track "Sweet Freedom". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Sylver is the track "In Your Eyes". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Terence vs. Pit Bailay is the track "Love Message". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from The Moon is the track "In Your Mind". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from The Soundlovers is the track "Flow". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Tom Wax is the track "And Then It Hit Me". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Zhi-vago is the track "Celebrate The Love 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Weichei will release the track "The Fly" on March 25th. (DAI)

  • Technotronic has released a new single called "The Circle Unbroken". (Keven Johnson II)

  • New from Svenson & Gielen is the track "Twisted". (Nolimits)

  • Azzido Da Bass has released "Speed (Mixes)" (former hit from 2000 was called "Dooms Night"). (Nolimits)

  • New from Marc Aurel is the track "Running". (Nolimits)

  • New from Lexy & K. Paul feat. Atomek Dog is the track "Let's Play" (they are known from hits
    like "Freak" and "The Greatest DJ"). (Nolimits)

  • New from X*R*A*Y Meets The Dragon is called "Tribes & Vibes". (Nolimits)


  • DJ and producer Jay Frog will now replace keyboarder Axel Coon. 25-year-old Jay stood in for Axel Coon,
    who could not perform due to illness, on some dates. Axel Coon had already decided that he would conclude
    his "2nd Chapter" with Scooter after the tour to concentrate on his main musical passions, DJing and remixing. (Trance.nu)

  • Scooter's brand new single is called "Nessaja" and will be released on April 08th. (DAI)

  • Acension will release the single "For A Lifetime". (DAI)

  • Alex Gold vs. Agnelli & Nelson will release "Everyday 2002" on May 06th. (DAI)


  • Solid Base has released a new album called "In Action". (Jeff Drouin/MagicShadow)

  • New from DJ Tiesto is the track "Lethal Industry". (DAI)

  • New from Perpetous Dreamer is the track "Dust". (DAI)

  • Rank 1 has released "Black Snow" in Belgium. (DAI)

  • New from Roger Sanchez is the track "Nothing To Prove". (DAI)

  • The next single from 16B will be "The Game". (DAI)


    12" Disc One [HOOJ117P]
    A. Omid's Main Mix
    B. Marcelo Castelli Candome Mix
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ117RP]
    A. Omid's Acid Dub
    B. Tony Thomas Remix
    12" Disc Three [HOOJ117XP]
    A. Marcello Castelli Remix
    B. Marcello Castelli Deep Mix

  • Oscar G & Stryke released the single "Hypnotized" on February 25th. The single is a percussive US house track which features the alluring, well-delivered vocals of the sultry-sounding Tabatha Byng. (DAI)


    12" Disc One [HOOJ115]
    A. Red Jerry's Dubby Vocal Mix
    B. Charles Webster's Chunkster Mix
    12" Disc Two [HOOJ115R]
    A. Sharam Jey's Tuffunk Mix
    B. Oscar G. Space Miami Mix
    CD [HOOJ115CD]
    1. Red Jerry's Dubby Vocal Mix
    2. Charles Webster's Chunkster Mix
    3. Sharam Jey's Tuffunk Mix
    4. Oscar G. Space Miami Mix

  • Kraxler und Schwartz will release the single "For Pleasure Only" in march. (DAI)

  • At the WinterMusicConference Award Ian Van Dahl has been nominated for Best Trance 12" of the year
    and Best Hi-NRG 12" of the year for their song "Castles In The Sky". "Forever" - Dee Dee has also been nominated as Best Hi-NRG 12" of the year. (Christophe Chantzis & Erik Vanspauwen)

  • New from Steve Murano is the single "Station". (Nolimits)

  • New from Sugar Daddy is the single "Time Yo love". (Nolimits)

  • New from Natural is the single "Put Your Arms Around Me". (Nolimits)

  • New from Karim is the single "Shot". (Nolimits)

  • New from Zombie Nation is the single "Unload". (Nolimits)

  • Sophie Ellis Bextor's, current hit is "Murder On The Dancefloor", album "Read My Lips"
    should be released in Germany in May. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • New from DJ Encore feat. Engelina is the single "I See Right Through To You",
    their album should be called "Intuition". (Nolimits)


    01. I See Right Through To You (Radio Edit)
    02. I See Right Through To You (Extended Version)
    03. I See Right Through To You (Access Remix)
    04. I See Right Through To You (Fridge Mix)
    05. I See Right Through To You (Doublen Mix)
    06. I See Right Through To You (Tandu Mix)
    07. I See Right Through To You (Junkfood Junkies Mix)

  • "Hey Little Girl" is the new single from Mathias Ware. (DAI)

  • Sandra has released her new album "The Wheel Of Time". (DAI)


  • Kim Wilde has released the single "Loved". (Nolimits)

  • New hit from Kylie Minogue is the track "In Your Eyes". (Nolimits)

  • New from Neo Cortex is the track "Elements". (Nolimits)

  • New from Lazard feat. Beverly Craven is "4 O`Clock In The Morning". (Nolimits)

  • DJ Mark Brain (known by his single-hit "Stonehenge") has released "Radical". (Nolimits)

  • Freistil will release their first album called "Alles Ist Neu". (Nolimits)

  • ATB's next single will be a remake of Olive's hit "You're Not Alone", release is set to April 15th. (DAI/Nolimits)

  • RMB will release "Redemption´2002" sometimes this spring. (DJ Toko/DAI)

  • N-Trance Feat.Kelly Lorena has released "Forever 2002". (DJ Toko)

  • New and upcoming release (info from DJ Toko):
    Sms Feat.Rebh - "Amour Bijou Bijou"
    Paps´N´Skar - "Loving You"
    The Soundlovers - "People´2002 (Promo)"
    Steven Z - "Time Of Love"
    X-Plane Feat.Angel - "Touch Me"
    Gabry Ponte - "Memories"
    Molella - "Whistle's Party"
    Roger Sanchez Feat.Sharleen Spiteri - "Nothing To Prove"
    Mauro Picotto - "Pulsar'2002 (Incl.Dj Tiesto Remix)"
    Edge Of Universe Feat.Dominick - "Life Force"
    Sergeant Pepper - "Nino"
    Naive - "Time Of Love"
    Turntablerocker - "Time For Music"
    Infernal - "Let Me Hear You Say Yeah"
    Valerie Dore - "The Night'2002"
    Etienne De Crecy - "Tempovision"
    Azzido Da Bass Feat.Roland Clark - "Speed (Can You Feel It?)"
    Mekkah Feat.Bryan Chambers - "I Got It"
    Modern Talking - "Ready For The Victory"
    Bacon Popper - "Get Up And Party"
    Nåid - "Turn On (City Lights)"
    Digital Boy & Dj Bike - "September Forever"
    Humate - "Vivid"
    Voice 2 Voice - "Strange Sensation"
    G And G - "Lie To Me"
    Par-T-One Vs.Inxs - "I´m So Crazy (Gigi D´Agostino Remix)"
    Shaham & Brandon - "Bodyrock"
    Britney Spears - "I´m Not A Girl,Not Yet A Woman (Remix)"
    Steven Mestre & Santos - "Judge The Beats"
    Gigi D´Agostino - "Amorelecttronico (Dj Sthrobo Vox Mix)"/"One Fly (Dj Sthrobo Bootleg Mix)"
    Ozz - "001"
    Leftfield Vs.Fatboy Slim - "Planet Of The Phat Bird"
    Kemikal Beat - "Mio Figlio"
    Monkey Bussiness - "Dirty"
    Db 74 - "I Can´t Wait"
    Djane Da Dia - "Thai Base"
    Soriani Brothers Feat.Deborah - "Take Me One More Time"
    Bomfunk MC´s - "Live Your Life"
    Link Feat.Johnny B - "Feelin´ Alright"
    7 Eleven - "Let Go"
    Datura - "Will Be One"
    Awex - "Adrenalin"
    Sven Väth - "Mind Games"
    Ferry Corsten - "Punk"
    Montini Experience - "My House Is Your House´2002"
    Clubspeakers - "Have You Ever Been Mellow"
    Dj Herbie - "King Of Rock"
    O.C. Project - "Close Your Eyes´2002"
    Klubbhoopers - "Buddy Joe (Don't You Know)"
    Dream Keepers Feat.Dineka - "Ocean Of Love"
    Re-Flex - "Bass Drop Da Bass"
    Alex K - "Another Chance"
    Jennifer Lopez Feat.Ja Rule - "Ain't It Funny´02 (Remix)"
    Czr & Ito - "Soiree"
    Stretch & Vern - "Hey"
    The Moon - "In Your Mind"
    Marco V - "Good/Simulated"
    D-Devils - "Final Countdown"
    Coldplay - "Don´t Panic (Trance Remix)"
    Phillip Ramirez - "Happy People (Soul Providers Remix)"
    Candy - "Fly Me To The Moon"
    Shaved - "How Do You Like Pussy"
    Dj Scotty - "Get Wicked/Freak You Ep"
    Dj Virus - "All Your Bass"
    Tunnel Trance Force - "Red Nights Eplowdown"
    Dj Miko - "Forever Young"
    K.K. Project - "Power"
    Red - "Heaven & Earth"
    Groove Electronic - "La Ventolline´2002"
    Money Chocolate Feat.Sarah Webb - "Keep The Love"
    Sonorous - "Second Sun"
    Roger Goode Feat.Tasha Baxter - "In The Beginning"
    Enrique Iglesias - "Escape (Remixes)"
    The Witch - "Please Don't Touch Me"
    Pink Coffee - "Another Brick In The Wall"
    Junk Project (J.P.) - "Yellow Series"
    Depeche Mode - "Goodnight Lovers (Remix)"
    Staccato - "Always Hardcore (Yeeeaah...)"
    Montell Jordan - "You Must Have Been"
    Infinity Feat.Juan Atkins - "Never Tempt Me"
    Bro'sis - "Do You"
    Rick Astley - "Keep It Turned On"
    E Nomine - "Tier In Mir (Wolfen)"
    Galleon - "I Believe"
    Woody Van Eyden - "Together"
    Barcode Brothers - "Sms"
    Lexy & K-Paul - "Let's Play"
    Voodoo & Serano - "When I Rock"
    Lee Ann Rimes - "But I Do Love You (Ian Van Dahl Remix)"
    Cheero-Key - "I'm A Raver Baby"
    Rank 1 - "The Awakening"
    Lost Witness - "Did A Dream?"
    Condor - "On My Own"
    Horny United Pres. Lovesick Feat. Mossee - "Let's Stay Together (Remixes)"
    Andrea T.Mendoza - "Lifestyle"
    Fresh - "Crazy"
    Kooky - "Imagination"
    Best Before - "The Rhythm Of My Dj"
    Andy - "Set You Free"
    Anna - "Give Me Magic"
    H Vs.Avex - "The Music Is Now"
    Starlight - "To The Beat"
    Q-Zar - "Music Planet"
    Outmean Rick Feat. La Chilena - "Melodia"
    Furdog - "69"
    Deepers - "Lighting Darkness"
    Grim Reaper - "Wild & Loose (The Roof Is On Fire)"
    Funky Divas - "Nessaja"
    Konovox - "Right & Round"
    K.K. Project - "Everything Counts'02"
    Ron Carrol Presents Shawn Christopher - "Can't Give Up"
    Dajae & Full Intention - "What Do You Want?"
    Droid - "Ce Ce Rhythm"
    Tillman Uhrmacher - "On The Run (PPK Remix)"
    Jamiroquai - "Love Foolosophy (Bini & Martini Remix/Knee Deep Remix)"
    Coast 2 Coast Feat. Amanda Jamison - "Be With Me"
    S Club 7 - "You (Remixes)"
    Red Alien Feat. Afrika Islam - "Red Alien"
    Brandy - "What About Us (Remix)"
    Filur Feat. Miss Ellie-Netisson - "Filur E.P."
    Reset - "Wings Of Love"
    Modjo - "No More Tears"
    Mc Jump - "I Wanna Be A Star"
    Beverly Knight - "Shoulda Woulda Coulda"
    Ms. Mukupa - "Stop Stop"
    Air - "How Does It Make You Feel"
    Lyte Funky Ones Feat. M.O.P. - "Life Is Good"
    Dangerous Hardcore - "Alone'2002"
    Markos - "Temptation"
    U-Go Boss - "One Way"
    Pump 69 - "Smooth Criminal"
    Tom Novy Vs. Snap! - "Eternity´02 (Promo)"
    The Joker Feat.Julie Mckenna - "Release Me"
    Silverback - "Monkeylover"
    Tgp Feat.Candy - "Fly Me To The Moon"
    Symphonic - "Bolero"
    I-F - "The Man From P.A.C.K."
    Analog System - "Strange Morning In December (Kaylab Remix)"
    4 Strings - "In To The Night (Take Me Away)"
    Force Majeure - "Redemption (The Thrillseekers Remix)"
    Akyra Feat.Maria Rubia - "Here Comes The Rain"
    Wavetraxx - "Freedom"
    Mute - "Missa Beat"
    Drago - "Pandora (Fridge Remix)"
    Dj Genetic - "Scream"
    Angel One - "Invincible"


  • DJ Valium has released the track "Bring The Beat Back". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • DJ Shog, a joint project of Green Court and Cosmic Gate, has released a track called This Is My Sound.

  • New from Dumonde (aka JamX & DeLeon) has released a track called "Can U Dig It". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • E Nomine has released the album "Finsternis (The Album)". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Trancesetters released the track "The Saga" on January 28th on the Hooj label. (DAI)

    Tracklisting: (CD-single)

    1. The Saga (Original Mix)
    2. The Saga (Original Censored Mix)
    3. The Saga (Drax & Gooding Censored Mix)
    4. The Saga (Andy Jarrod vs Freeloader Mix)
    5. The Saga (Drax & Gooding Mix)

  • Tracklisting for Dumonde vs. Lange - "Memory", released January 28th:
    1. Memory (Radio Cut)
    2. Memory (Original Mix)
    3. Memory (Lange Mix)
    4. Memory (Megara / Dj Lee Remix)
    5. Memory (JamX & De Leon Mix)
    6. Memory (Original Dub)

  • Tracklisting for Starsplash - "Free", to be released February 18th:
    1. Free (Radio Edit)
    2. Free (Video Edit)
    3. Free (Peter Luts Remix)
    4. Free (Club Mix)
    5. Free (Deepack Remix)


  • Miss JMA has released the track "All Bitches 2002", which is a techo remix of the old N-Son-X song "All Bitches". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Trance Allstars has released "Lost In Love", which is a remake of the Legend B anthem.
    The single comes with three mixes by ATB, Sunbeam and Talla 2 XLC. (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Highland is the track "Magic Fortuna". This is a remake of Apotheosis "O Fortuna" or,
    if we go back to the original, of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Essential DJ Team is the track "Ong-Diggi-Dong?" and was released on January 21st. (DAI)

  • Yet another remake of Dune's hit "I Can't Stop Raving" has hit the shelves. This time it's
    Mythos n'DJ Cosmo who have remixed the song and it features the original Dune vocals.
    The single was released on January 21st. (DAI)

  • The new single from Lasgo is called "Alone". (Nolimits)

  • Mauro Picotto's new album will be called "The Others", releasedate is still unknown. (DAI)

  • Positiva has released a new Spiller single, it's called "Cry Baby". The single includes the classic
    original version, along with mixes from Röyksopp, Jolly Music and Cosmos, as well as the video
    and a previously unreleased Spiller remix of St Germain's anthem "Rose Rouge. (DAI)

  • New from Cosmic Gate is the track "Back To Earth / Hardcore" and will be released on February 4th. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • New from Beam vs. Cyrus is the track called "Lifestyle". (Nolimits)

  • New from BBE vs. Emanuel Top is the track "Orion". (Nolimits)

  • New from DJ Encore feat. Engelina is the track "I See Right Through To You". (Nolimits)

  • New from Marc Maris vs. Ramone is the track "Lost In Love". (Nolimits)

  • New from Akyra is the track "Here Comes The Rain". (Nolimits)

  • New from Sono is the track "Keep Control". (Nolimits)

  • New from Scotty is the track "Let`S Celebrate". (Nolimits)

  • New from Dominator is the track "Lord Of The Rings". (Nolimits)

  • New from Childhood is the track "Where My House Is". (Nolimits)

  • New from The Driver Project is the track "Where You Belong".(Nolimits)

  • Dumonde vs. Lange will release the track "Memory" on January 28th. (Nolimits/DAI)

  • New from Green Velvet is the track "La La Land (Mixex)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Orinoko is the track "Island". (Nolimits)

  • New from Caba Kroll is the track "In Your Face". (Nolimits)

  • New from Rave All Stars is the track "I Need Your Love". (Nolimits)

  • New from Shannon is the track "Let The Music Play". (Nolimits)

  • New from Bassraiders is the track "Prepare To Qualify". (Nolimits)

  • Das Modul vs. E-Love has released a 2002 remake of "Computerliebe". (Nolimits)

  • New from Frakmatik is the track "Blue Plastic". (Nolimits)

  • H-Blockx new title is an cover-version of the SNAP hit "The Power".
    The raps in this track are done by Turbo B (ex-frontman of SNAP). (Nolimits)


  • New from Mystikal is the single "Bouncin' Back (Bumpin Me Against)". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from 2PM is the single "Sonata (Remix)". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from The Wiseguys is the single "Start The Commotion". (Roger Sandvik)

  • New from Kai Tracid is the album "Trance & Acid".(Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Fancy is the album "Locomotion". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Gary D. is the album "Strike". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Aurora is the album "Aurora". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Le Petit Sam pres. Musika is the single "The Drive". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from DJ’s @ Work is the single "Time To Wonder". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from O.C. Project is the single "Close Your Eyes 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Nalin Inc. is the single "Scream". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Klubbheads is the single "Let The Party Begin". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Alex Butcher is the single "Sweet Dreams". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Faithless is the single "Tarantula". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Interactive is the single "Forever Young 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Mark’Oh is the single "Tears Don’t Lie 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Trance Allstars is the single "Lost In Love". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Nick Beat vs. Jeff & Jay is the single "I Wanna Be A Hippy". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Docking Station is the single "Calling Mars". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from KK Project is the single "Power". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Noemi is the single "In My Dreams". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Voodoo & Serano is the single "When I Rock". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from DJ Piero is the single "Don’t Stop The Music". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Miss JMA is the single "All Bitches 2002". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Mango Maniax is the single "Jump All Around". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from 4 String is the single "Take Me Away (Into The Night)". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Warmducher is the single "Hardcore Will Never Die". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • New from Re-Flex is the single "Bass Drop Da Bass". (Deck-A-Dance)

  • Edel released the compilation "Club Perlen Vol.1" on January 7th. (DAI)

  • New from Discovery is the single "Missing". (Nolimits)

  • New from Marc van Linden is the single "Sturm der Nacht (nur für Dich)". (Nolimits)

  • New from Kosheen is the single "Catch". (Nolimits)

  • The album from E Nomine should be now available in shops, they are known by their single "Mitternacht". (Nolimits)


  • "Dedicated" is the title of the new ATB album, which will be in the record stores on 28 January. (DAI)


  • Lasgo, "Something" got the TMF AWARD 2001 for the Best Single. (Nolimits)

    Tracklisting for the album "Some Things", released December 03, 2001.

    01. Intro
    02. Something
    03. Heaven
    04. Blue
    05. Don`t Belong 2 U
    06. Follow You
    07. Cloud Surfers
    08. Alone
    09. Cry
    10. Pray
    11. Feelings
    12. Something (Peter Luts Remix)
    13. Alone (Ian Van Dahl Remix)

  • Talla 2XLC has told that the new Trance Allstars-single will come in March 2002,
    a full-length album is also planed. (Nolimits)

  • The new single from Aquagen will be called "Hold Me Now". It`s a cover-dance-track
    including the original vocals from Chigaco. (Nolimits)

  • DJ Sakin & Friends will be back with a single called "Little Paradise". (Nolimits)

  • Woody van Eyden is back with an cover-dance-track, it is called "Together". (Nolimits)

  • Charly Lownoise has told, that he will in February 2002 release an new single-cd under the name Starsplash (two titles "Free" and "China Lounge") - also an full-album-CD should been ready by this time - this full-album-cd should be called "Here We Go Again". (Nolimits)

  • The MacKenzie feat. Jessy has released a euro-trance song called "All I Need". (Nolimits)

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