2010-01-17 - No more dance news updates...

As you may already have noticed, updates on Dance Artist Info has been very low in the last 1-1½ years. This is because I simply don't have any time for updating nowadays. The main reason for this is that I have daughter that was born in August 2008 and secondary is the fact that my other hobbies (for example planespotting) also takes a lot of time.

So I have decided to stop updating the dance news section, there are so many other great sites that does this nowadays (for example the Eurodance Encyclopaedia). I won't shut down DAI and I will try to keep the artist pages up-to-date (which some aren't today) and I will try to incorporate the new design on them as well.

I hope you will still continue to visit this site. I've been running this site on my spare time for 13+ years now and a lot has happened since then.

If you wish to leave a comment or just wanna contact me, send an email to webmaster(a)danceartistinfo(dot)com

Best regards
Niklas Adolfsson