So who is the person behind Dance Artist Info you might wonder?!


My name is Niklas Adolfsson and I'm from Sweden and is very interested in music and computers!
I live in a city called Motala, located by the lake Vättern. It's a very beautiful and peaceful city,
especially in the summer.

I've been using computer since I was a little kid! So I have many years of computer experience. In the beginning I used the computer mainly for playing games, but as the years have gone by I used my computer more and more for other things such as coding, making music, collecting info on music and to surf on the internet.


In 1993 I started a BBS, with my cousin, called "Plutonium-239". The BBS got quite popular but after some hardware failures we decided to quit the BBS scene. So my cousin sold his computer equipment and became a DJ instead. This was also the start for my interest in dancemusic, since he was a DJ he had many dance music records and I must say I fell in love with dance music, sound silly doesn't it?!


So when I got an internet account in the beginning of 1996 I started to search for my favorite artists on the net, and it hit me how hard it is to find information about them. So I started collection biographies, discographies and news about them. So in august 1996 when my internet provider back then Tele2 finally offered free homepage space for every member I started a page about myself. Featured on the pages was also little information about my favorite artists. Just a few pages, not more.


So in 1997 after my vacation in the US I decided to make a site dedicated to dance music and "Dance Artist Info", as it is today, was online in August 1997. The page has become more and more popular. Thanks to all people who have helped me with information and other things the site has gotten bigger and bigger (over 600 000 visitors [2002]). I also know that many people featured in this site (or associtated people) have visited this site (just to mention a few: Christophe Chantzis, The Space Brothers, Lil Suzy).

I have also worked as a Radio DJ/Technician at a local radiostation (1996-1997), again a collaboration with my cousin and some other friends. It was a 5 hour long live program on Saturday evenings and it was a very fun and instructive time.

In June 1997 I graduated from Platenskolan (12 years of hard work in School was finally over!).
Immediatly after school I started working at a local computer company called FoG Data ab where I
came to work as a Lotus Notes Programmer/Designer.


So in January 1998 I had to do my military service in the Swedish navy at KA1 (AMF1), Vaxholm (KA stands for Kust Artilleriet = Coast Artillery). I served a total of 10 months in military, it was both fun and boring, but it was also a very instructive time for me. I also meet many new friends in the military.

After my military service was done in 1998 I began working as a systemdeveloper.

2000 -> Today -> Future

Time moves on quickly...